Sadness epitomises life and follows you wherever you go, it is sometimes dispensable but all the more real cases entirely everlasting, never escapable.

It is hard to detach yourself from sadness, no matter how hard you try. Such an issue always plays on your mind, ruins relationships, hurts family, destroys significant memories and events. It makes you tired, hurt, lost and empty and it is never escapable.

For months it removes all desire for productivity, social interaction, normality. It brings stress, tension, heartbreak and sadness. But it is never escapable.

You can never be ready to outlast it, it drags you down and ruins memory. It destroys the people you love, no matter how much you love them. It makes people lose faith in you, no matter how hard you try – it is never escapable.

It doesnt want you to express its existence, it removes any desire for happiness. No event can excite you, no trip can inspire you, no emotion can invite you. It is never escapable.

Sadness is real, daunting and evasive. it is painful and dangerous for it ruins everything, even the few true things you love.

It is never escapable.


A poem

Anonymous, for no one in particular…


Click Music is more than a music site. It is an organisation, a collective, a homepage for a scene which is more powerful, more corrosive and more relevant than ever.

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