Review: Trampolene – Pocket Album Five (Divided Kingdom EP)

Following on from previous EP successes and quite an astounding 2016, Trampolene’s ‘Pocket Album Five (Divided Kingdom)’ is a fine example of their extraordinary sound. The Welsh band are potentially one of the most relatable in the entire country.

The EP opens with the anthem “Divided Kingdom,” a heavy mix of reverb and pedal effects. A track which couldn’t be more relevant in the disjointed, uncertain aftermath of the Brexit vote which has left an entire nation almost divided. Much like the majority of Trampolene’s back catalogue, the song wouldn’t seem out of place in both small venues and large arenas. It is dominated by obvious guitar solo’s and a fast drum beat, an ode to the bands heavier influences.

For the new listener, it is perhaps best to describe Trampolene’s sound and lyricism as effortlessly relevant to the masses, “Dreams So Rich/ Life So Poor” is an obvious example of this. One of the most long lasting lines stresses that it’s “hard to get fucked on a fiver,” an obvious downfall for any travelling musician/student/human being (delete as appropriate) It provokes contrasting emotions between the fruits of ones dreams and the harsh realities in which life bestows.

As previously mentioned, 2016 has been remarkable for the band. Already they have played to sold out crowds across the country. With an ever growing fan base, lead singer and front man Jack Jones has also joined Pete Doherty’s Puta Madres, touring from Buenos Aires to London via France.

“Blue Balls & A Broken Heart” is arguably one of the most tranquil, yet prosperous songs in which Trampolene have ever produced. It comes across as an apologetic love song, though the soft guitar chords along with Jones’ elegant lyricism makes it suited to softer occasions alike. The video for the track is also an impressive art form, featuring Peter Doherty and the Puta Madres of which Jones is a central part of. It features Doherty and long term Katia Minidv joining arms and slow dancing, in sync with the rest of the Lyon crowd who also do the same.

The most intriguing aspect of Trampolene’s artistic philosophy is the inclusion of spoken voice and poetry amongst both albums and their live set. ‘Pocket Album Five’ features one about a phobia of slugs. With the sudden popularity of Planet Earth, perhaps this can be regarded as Jones’ audition tape to front a nature show of his own and become our generations equivalent of David Attenborough.

Overall ‘Pocket Album Five (Divided Kingdom)’ is yet another example of Trampolene’s great potential. With their musical growth continuing, one can only assume that the Welsh outfit are destined for immense future success.

Words by Charlie Barnes

Check out the video for “Blue Balls & a Broken Heart” below:

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