Focus #2: Habitats

It’s fair to say that Habitats’ sound is quite the rarity. Not only does it provide a persuasive edge of tropical groove but it also co-aligns itself heavily with the melodies of modern day indie music.

Perhaps one of the most exciting up and coming bands in the country right now, Habitats already hold two successful EP’s to their name. ‘Diamond Days EP’ was released in 2015 and is perhaps a great starting point for the newer listener. Featuring heavy use of guitar pedals and other effects, songs such as “Diamond Days” and “Turn Down The Sun” have gone on to already become obvious crowd favourites and wouldn’t seem out of place on the majority of summer playlists.

The band have already created a mass stir amongst many industry favourites including Steve Lamacq and Huw Stephens as well as impressing the legendary BBC Introducing series. Alongside this they have rightfully amassed a strong fanbase across the country following on from numerous tours in various parts of the nation.
Their second venture came in the form of ‘Jungles EP,’ equally as well rounded and well received as the first. ‘Jungles,’ the EP’s title track, is perhaps the most impressive. Featuring a heavy, intensifying drum beat and catchy lyricism, the track encapsulates a different, heaver side to the bands’ sound; this becomes even more obvious in the live setting.

It appears as though the band have settled on developing such an obvious, well-received sound; as proven in “Guilty Pleasure,” their latest release. Much like their previous two EP’s the single once more gives off groovy, disco-like vibes and production wise is incredibly strong.

Excitingly, the Basingstoke formed band have announced a string of gigs throughout early 2017. Though their existence is still in its infancy, musically they are very mature and talented and thus one must assume even further growth especially with the prospect of a debut album in the near future.

Overall, Habitats’ sound is an exciting rarity, a refreshing form of escape in a scene which is usually so similar.

Words by Charlie Barnes

Check out the video for “Jungles” below:

Image via Habitats on Facebook

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