2017 Watch-list

One of the key concepts behind Eudaemoniablog is its focus on new and upcoming talent throughout the UK and beyond. With that in mind, here is our 2017 watch-list, five bands who we think will be huge as the year progresses.


2016 has been the year in which Trampolene have come to great prominence, not least helped by the inclusion of leader singer Jack Jones amongst a certain Peter Doherty’s set up. Not only has he opened for the Libertines at arenas with elegant poetry but Jones also plays a predominant role as a guitarist amongst Doherty’s band, the Purta Madres.

However, perhaps the single most important aspect of Trampolene’s growth has been a discovery of more melodic, intrinsic songs which have featured amongst numerous pocket albums throughout the year. The most obvious example of this comes in the form of “Blue Balls & A Broken Heart” from ‘Pocket Album 5 (Divided Kingdom.)’

Recent years have seen the band release numerous EP’s, sell out many venues across the country and achieve mass radio play. Perhaps 2017 will be the year that we see a debut album, one thing is for sure that the Welsh outfit are certain for even more growth and popularity as time goes on.


As the featured band in our first ever ‘focus’ series, you can tell we are big fans of the London band. Sisteray are perhaps the most proactive band in the whole of the capital at the minute, gigging regularly but also increasing their support of key issues such as anti-establishment and anti-gentrification.

2016 saw the band release two equally well supported singles in the form of “A Wise Man Said” and “Who R Ya,” both of which were met with great anticipation from press and fans alike. Alongside this, the ‘Libertines-inspired’ band featured at many festivals across the UK alongside headlining many venues in London and beyond.

If 2016 was successful for the band, trend suggests that 2017 can only see them achieving even more success.


With the release of their EP compilation entitled ‘Young Dumb and Full of….’ we can only assume that 2017 will see the release of a debut album from Cabbage. The intense Manchester band are arguably poised to see mass growth and a rise much like local counterparts Blossoms in 2016.

Such exposure is mostly an ode to their impressive, heavy and increasingly relevant sound which has been obviously consistent in all of their four previous EP releases. This is perhaps best expressed through the song “Uber Capitalist Death Trade,” the perfect starting place for the new listener. It features crunching guitar chords, intrinsic drum beats and most importantly relevant, anti capitalist lyricism.

Early 2017 sees the Manchester based band embark on a near-sold out headline tour across established UK venues. In addition to this, they form part of an impressive supporting cast for the Courteeners’ largest headline show to date at Manchester’s Old Trafford Cricket ground. However, with such mass appeal and growth one can only assume even larger dates of their own as the year comes to a close.

Crosa Rosa:

Spawning from Nottingham’s growing music scene, Crosa Rosa’s ‘wobbly rock’ sound is perhaps one of the most interesting of its kind.

Featuring three members and a heavy, pedal effects dominated sound, it is perhaps fair to describe the band as an amalgamation of The Wytches and Nirvana. The previous two years have been extremely successful for the band, regularly featuring at large festivals and performing to sold out crowds of their own.

Their debut EP “Pantaphobia” incorporates the heaviest side of Crosa Rosa’s sound, though at times still creating effortless melodies along with a softer side to their songwriting. Their second release, “Candy Eyes EP” continues to build upon the initial. Tracks such as “Like A Lady” and “Tainted Lover” are an obvious highlight, both of which are suited well to the live setting.

With such an already strong following created through 2 strong EP releases we can only assume that the Crosa Rosa name will continue to grow throughout 2017 and beyond.

The Jacques:

Perhaps the most established name on the list, The Jacques have existed for a number of years. Having been signed to Gary Powell of The Libertines’ label they have already seen some great success. However, with a new line up and a somewhat new approach to their sound 2017 symbolises the second coming of the band.

“Eleanor Ring Me,” their latest single, epitomises this. The track features heavier guitar cords and much distortion. Interestingly, it also makes use of a clever, poetically spoken verse. This contrasts greatly to their “Pretty DJ EP” which was released in 2014 featuring well loved tracks including “Weekend” and “Foreign Films.”

Overall, the sound of The Jacques is a clever mix of heavy chords and strong lyricism. It will be interesting to see how such a sound adapts to a new line up and future releases.

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