The Album Cover

As keen enthusiasts of both art and music, we at eudaemoniablog believe that the album cover is a perfect expression of both. Here are five of our favourites:

David Bowie – Hunky Dory

The original and eternal king of cool, David Bowie’s pensive stare perfectly encapsulates the whimsical music privileged enough to appear on the bill of ‘Hunky Dory’. Grainy graphics typify 1971, and a pop art element to this cover shows how David Bowie was, and still is, the height of everything fashionable. Producing many albums over his life spanning career, this is a personal favourite of many, rightfully gaining worldwide acclaim as an album cover.bowie

Adam Green – Aladdin 

Adam Green’s Aladdin film project provided a most entertaining watch last year, and an even more entertaining soundtrack. With Green’s traditionally whacky lyrics and classic riffs which range from the style Django Reinhardt to a garage band (a nod to Green’s earlier material as part of anti-folk band, The Moldy Peaches), there is a charming element to this album, matched by its DIY cover. Rudimentary motifs of oil pastel houses, being observed from the seat of a cardboard car by none other than cult fashion blogger Bip Ling summarise this albums’ accessibility and sense of good, Green fun.


The Wytches- Annabel Dream Reader 

Wouldn’t you just love to dress up as this papier-mâché princess for Halloween? The decrepit charm of the muse used to create this killer cover directly mirrors this bands’ eclectic collection of songs featured on this album. Intricacies and beauty are two things this album has in abundance, with a cover to match.


Yak – Alas Salvation

What. Is. That. The great thing is, Yak don’t want us to know. This explorative and abstract submission of an album cover makes you want to love it before you’ve even dived into your first listen. Emulating a Grayson Perry tapestry, this cover is equally as artistic as it is iconic.

Pulp – Party Clowns

These cool cats had many iconic album covers throughout their career however this one flew under the radar. The artwork is sublimely sexy and artistic, summing up Pulp’s best raw recordings in a nutshell. The bold colours and the bold tunes work in harmony.



Words by Molly Davies

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Cover image via: Paul Hudson on Flickr, under Creative Commons license, Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Link:


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