Focus #3: The Blinders

To many, The Blinders are perhaps the torchbearers for modern political punk rock music. Based in Manchester, the vast potential of the alternate band gives reason for their already strong following throughout the country. It is obvious that they are set to take 2017 by storm.

Their sound is heavy, dark and intriguing and righteously incomparable to much of what modern music has to offer. The three piece comprises of Thomas (guitar), Charlie (bass) and Matt (drums) and incorporates elements of punk rock whilst proactively promoting relevant political and social messages.

This is most obvious in their debut EP, ‘Hidden Horror Dance.” Tracks such as “84” and “Murder At The Ballet” include obvious bass-lines and a chaotic, yet organised use of the guitar. The EP boasts impressive lyricism and fiery vocals which are resemblant of a ‘Wytches/Yak’ hybrid. Additionally, songs such as “ICB Blues” have obvious connotations towards relevant modern day political issues and are incredibly suited to the live music venue.

2016 was arguably a turning point for the band, embarking upon a frantic touring schedule encompassing much of the country including a sell-out single release gig and Manchester’s Death Institute. Such touring also saw them play amongst many of the worlds most famous names at Leeds festival as part of the Jack Daniels/This Feeling stage. Notably, the year also saw the band pick up many famous and influential fans from Blossoms and the ‘This Feeling’ set-up to Cabbage, another of Manchester’s trailblazing bands.

October saw the Doncaster formed band release their official debut single, “Swine.” Building on from the success of their debut EP, the single is further proof of their limitless ability. Varying in both tempo and instrumental characterisation, the single deservedly gained much exposure and is a perfect starting point for a new listener of the band.

It is already clear that 2017 will see The Blinders build upon the success of the previous year. Already, the Manchester based band are embarking upon a nationwide tour of respectable venues supporting Cabbage alongside April as well as headline dates of their own in conjunction with ‘This Feeling.’

The Blinders’ sound means that they are destined for the top, we can only assume that the trio are soon to righteously become the unofficial torchbearers of their intrinsic genre.

Check out the video for “Swine” below:

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Image via The Blinders on Facebook


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