Single Review: Gorillaz – “Hallelujah Money”

Following recurring social media messages and many years of rumours, the release of “Hallelujah Money” signifies the return of Gorillaz.

In their first release in over six years, “Hallelujah Money” denotes an eerie, apocalyptic change in sound and gives us taste of what is yet to come. The band suggests that the song serves as commentary on the eve of the Inauguration of President-Elect Donald Trump, a politically-charged, historical moment.

Collaborating with Crystal Palace born, Mercury Award winning Benjamin Clementine, the song resonates themes of both solidarity and uprising. This is noted through the repetition of the words “how will we love” and “hallelujah money,” not only does it provide social commentary towards Trump’s presidency but also questions the fundamental aspects of modern existence.

These feelings are emphasised in the artistic yet sometimes confusing video in which Clementine features centrally in-front of a screen depicting scenes from movies, cartoons and distress. However, it is Clementine’s vocally strong performance which is the centre point of a song which promotes powerful anti-Trump messages.

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett’s band consistently make use of animation and effects, “Hallelujah Money” is a poignant example of this. However, it is both lyricism and eerie messages of solidarity which make this Gorillaz release all the more special.

Check out the video for “Hallelujah Money” (feat. Benjamin Clementine) below:

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