Single Review: John Hassall & The April Rainers – “Intercity 125”

John Hassall & The April Rainers’ new single “Intercity 125” is an intrinsic song of both melody and hypnotic rhythm. Whilst he and The Libertines commit to the more chaotic anthem, Hassall’s new project is a splendid escape to a realm of pop and psychedelia.

“Intercity 125” centres upon a far more folky sound than its predecessor “Given Time” and features a mix of acoustic and echoing electric rhythms which produces a comforting yet impressive sound. Lyrically the song resonates upon a youthful Hassall’s journey to see his granny as a child, embarking upon an Intercity 125 train as indicated by the title.

September saw the band release “Given Time,” another example of the melodic sound in which John Hassall and the April Rainers are formed upon. The upbeat and catchy number has hints of Dylan and Lennon in it, arguably one of the most promising singles released in the latter part of 2016.

“Intercity 125” hints at the soft, psychedelic sound in which their forthcoming debut album, ‘Wheels To Idyll’ is to exist upon. Released 3 March 2017, Hassall and his April Rainers will also embark upon an intimate UK tour having already supported bandmate Peter Doherty on numerous occasions in 2016.

“Intercity 125” is a wonderful example of the interesting sound in which John Hassall and the April Rainers have created, a far cry from the madness of The Libertines. It is not only a brilliant song but also helps to build excitement in the lead up to the release of their debut album.

Check out the video for “Intercity 125” below:

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