Single Review: The Shimmer Band – “Jacknife And The Death Call”

The Shimmer Band have been tipped for great success amongst many industry insiders, their latest single “Jacknife And The Death Call” is a firm example of such potential.

The Bristol formed band have an obvious psychedelic sound, a perfect mixture of effects and guitar which makes them incredibly suited to the live setting. “Jacknife And The Death Call” incorporates all of this, its heavy verse and chorus wouldn’t seem out of place in the smallest of venues nor the largest of stadiums.

The accompanying music video for their latest single is symbolic of the band’s flamboyancy. Already amassing many views, it is a mixture of strobe, smoke, colour and elaborate sunglasses which suit the dramatic yet intriguing nature of the track.

The band are firm favourites of iconic UK promoters “This Feeling” and have already toured extensively throughout the UK. Most recently they performed alongside fellow eudaemoniablog favourites, The Blinders as part of This Feelings “Big in 2017 line-up.” Additionally, they are soon to embark upon an intense UK tour supporting Cabbage in well respected venues across the country.

The band’s small yet exceptional back catalogue gives us proof of their limitless potential. Songs such as “Freedom” and “Sunkick” create an effortless mix of psychedelia and groove, an explosive sound which is rarely exploited in the modern music scene.

“Jacknife And The Death Call” is already a firm favourite of ours, a fine example of The Shimmer Band’s massive potential as we head into the depths of 2017.

Check out the video for “Jacknife And The Death Call” below:

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Image via The Shimmer Band on Facebook


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