Focus #4: Crosa Rosa

Nottingham’s local music scene is one of the UK’s greatest, a hive of emerging, interesting talent. At the forefront of this is Crosa Rosa whose intriguing sound is symbolic of their massive potential.

Featuring three members and a heavy, effects dominated sound it is perhaps fair to describe the band as an engrossing amalgamation of The Wytches and Nirvana. The previous two years have been extremely successful for the band, regularly featuring at large festivals and performing to sold out crowds of their own. Much of this is down to the incredible work-rate of each of the band members, it is rare to see a band a proactive in the local music community and beyond like Crosa Rosa are.

Their debut EP “Pantaphobia” was greeted with positive reviews for good reason. It incorporates perhaps the heaviest side of Crosa Rosa’s sound though at times still creating effortless melodies along with a softer side to their songwriting. An obvious example of this is “Little Leper” where heavy, crunching guitar chords suit the mesmerising but dark vocals. Ultimately, such a strong first EP has acted as a catalyst for the sudden success which has followed.

As firm favourites of the ‘BBC Introducing in the East Midlands’ programme Crosa Rosa have had the rightful opportunity to feature alongside world renowned bands at large festivals including Reading & Leeds and Derbyshire’s Y Not Festivals. Additionally, 2016 saw them embark upon a small, but convincing tours including their largest headline gig to date at Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms.

Alongside this, 2016 also saw Joe (vocals/guitar), Joe (bass) and Kegan (drums) release their second EP, ‘Candy Eyes.’ Whilst it builds upon the sound of their first, the new EP also introduces us to more up-beat, intriguing songs. The most prominent example of this is “Like A Lady,” a catchy number which wouldn’t seem out of place on the most obvious house party playlist. Additionally, songs like “Baya” and “Candy Eyes” create strong atmosphere and are incredibly suited to the live setting.

One can assume that 2017 will be even more successful for the band with further tours, festivals and EP’s planned. In all, their already large following and interesting sound provides evidence of Crosa Rosa’s limitless potential.

Check out the video for “Like A Lady” taken from ‘Candy Eyes EP’ below:

Image via: Samantha Hook photography, link:

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