Interview: Rory Wynne

Rory Wynne’s impressive indie-pop sound is ever increasingly gaining much exposure throughout the UK’s music scene. With the promise of imminent releases and a vast array of upcoming gigs, Wynne is set to take 2017 by storm.

Rory is soon to support Blossoms on this year’s VO5 NME Awards tour in March, we caught up with him to discuss the tour, influences and much more:

We’re huge fans of yours here at eudaemoniablog, how would you describe your sound to the new listener?

I guess the genre would be Indie Pop but it’s influenced by a large variety of styles and I think bit’s of all of them have come across, especially in the newer songs.

You released both “Post Party Confusion” and “I Know She Knows” back in 2014, would you say your sound has evolved since then?

Definitely, back then I was only 14 when I wrote them, 13 for I Know She Knows, and didn’t really have my own style but now the Rory Wynne sound is starting to emerge.

Who would you name as your musical influences?

There are too many to name them all but I’d say Jack White is a huge influence and I’m a big fan of The National as well as Manchester bands like Oasis and The Stone Roses recently too people like Michael Jackson that had unbelievably good pop songs.

Are you looking forward to supporting Blossoms on their upcoming tour? What can we expect from your set?

I am very excited for it yeah! I’m a big fan, so to support them is an honour – the set is sounding very strong but I don’t want to give too much away. It’s all about Mystery.

Do you enjoy touring life? 

It will actually be my first tour so we’ll see.

Stockport and Greater Manchester as a whole seems to be undergoing a musical revolution at the minute, what would you say is behind its current success?

I think it’s because when we believe something is great we have an amazing work ethic to make it a success.

Beyond the local scene, would you say that the British music scene is currently in a good place?

It could be better, but it seems to be improving – Blossoms getting a number 1 album was great news for British music, specifically guitar music.

How would you like to see your music develop from here?

I’d like to see it evolve gradually getting better and better throughout a long and prosperous career.

We recently read that you recorded with James Skelly in Liverpool, what can we expect from these sessions?

Brilliantly produced songs. The two singles I’ve recorded with James and Rich are quality and don’t seem to sound like anything else out there at the moment. It’s exciting.

Beyond that, what does the next few years have in store for Rory Wynne?

Hopefully just getting bigger and bigger.

Rory supports Blossoms on The VO5 NME Awards tour alongside Cabbage, tickets via the following link:

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