Focus #5: Cabbage

It takes a lot for a band to burst onto the scene as rapidly as Cabbage have. Across the country their reputation is frantically growing; with an instantly recognisable sound and chaotic live shows it is clear that 2017 is the year of the Cabbage.

Like many, Cabbage are emerging from Manchester’s world renowned local music scene and have already formed an ever growing fan base across the country. They released three four-track EP’s in late 2016: ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade EP’, ‘Necroflat In The Palace EP’ and ‘Terrorist Synthesizer EP,’ three releases which have acted as a catalyst and a huge sign of intent for the year to come.

Formed of Lee Broadbent (lead vocals), Joe Martin (vocals, guitar), Eoghan Clifford (guitar), Stephen Evans (bass), Asa Morley (drums), Cabbage are one of the most hotly tipped bands in the country right now, with media exposure acting as evidence of this. Their recent involvement in the BBC Introducing Programme alongside high praise from establishments such as Radio 1, Radio X, NME and The Guardian has even further raised their growing profile.

However, beyond such exposure it is their music which is rightfully the centre of attention. Their political provocativeness entwines well with a chaotic post punk sound, creating a powerful effect whether it be on record or live show. This is most obvious in songs such as “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” and “Kevin,” alongside tunes such as “Free Steven Avery” becoming a tool of rebellion against the establishment.

Their latest EP release, ‘Terrorist Synthesizer’ is perhaps their most developed release yet. Its title track is not only a clever play on words but is a catchy, fast paced song with technically sound use of instrument. “These Boots Are Made For Walkin” is another focal point of the EP, an imaginative cover of Nancy Sinatra’s original.

With rousing political messages and huge presence, Cabbage’s live shows are slowly becoming somewhat of a biblical experience. Unlike the many drab, unimaginative efforts of many modern bands, Cabbage are able to thrive upon the involvement of their overtly flamboyant, raucous crowd and are slowly amassing a reputation for doing so. The Manchester based band recently released a compilation album of all of their previous EP material entitled “Young Dumb And Full Of.…” Whilst it does not offer new material, it is a perfect offering of the density of their talents. With such a release, and the constantly expanding interest surrounding the band, one can only assume that a forthcoming debut album will be imminent.

Having already supported Blossoms regularly throughout 2016 and will be doing the same again in February and March, Cabbage’s headline shows are also becoming a regularity on a larger scale. They are currently embarked upon this years ‘Neighbourhood Live’ event, touring alongside the Shimmer Band and April at gigs which sold out months before hand. It truly is the hottest ticket in town right now. Additionally, the band have announced further summer headline dates not least at London’s Scala as well as numerous festival appearances throughout the summer.

Cabbage are perhaps the most intriguing, important band around at the minute. Their potential is limitless and their sound is powerful for its enhanced political messages and chaotic nature. With every one of their gigs now becoming an ‘I was there’ moment, it is clear that the band are truly embarking upon a journey towards great things.

Check out the video for “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” below:

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