Live Review: Cabbage, The Shimmer Band, April

Venue: Nottingham Bodega

Date: 08/02/2017

Nottingham’s Bodega is a relatively historic venue, it plays host to many upcoming bands and has a long list of successful alumni ranging from The Libertines to the Arctic Monkeys. However, Cabbage’s arrival in the hotbed of Nottingham’s growing music scene eclipses all this, a gig which many believed would struggle to ever be replicated at the venue.

The night wasn’t solely about Cabbage however, a strong supporting line up in eudaemonia favourites April and Cabbage meant that the night was arguably one of the most significant small tours in recent history. Much has to be commended to This Feeling, whom curated not just this night but regularly do so across the country, giving bands an opportunity to perform and grow when others may not expose such an opportunity. It is fair to say that without ‘This Feeling’ the local industry would be left soulless, and many bands whom we have come to love would have never had the opportunity to reach such a level.

April opened the night in supreme fashion, with anthems such as “Open Mind” it is clear that the band are destined for larger venues. Their stage presence is both intriguing and strong at the same time and their sound incorporates electronic elements which contrasts strongly to their predominantly guitar based sound.

The Shimmer band followed, whom are also firm favourites of eudaemonia. Like April they have a superbly intriguing sound which is destined for huge venues, stadiums even. The final three songs were perhaps the most promising aspect of their set, including latest single “Jacknife And The Death Call.” Songs such as “Sunkick” and “Freedom” are metaphorically colourful, chorus heavy songs which only add to the bands rapidly rising reputation. In all, lights, sound, sunglasses and crowd all united in a unity of The Shimmer Band’s flamboyancy.

With the tiny venue reaching boiling point it was time for Cabbage whom introduced themselves to the crowd “as the devil, doing the devil’s work.” Whilst constricted to just over forty five minutes their set was chaotic, impressive and showed signs of eternal potential. Considering their relative infancy it is perhaps surprising to see the density of tracks on offer, with their ten song setlist providing a clear example of such a strength.

Opening with a triarch of post punk politically charged anthems in “Dissonance,” “Indispensable Pencil” and “Terrorist Synthesizer,” the raucous nature of the crowd was clear from the outset as crowd surfers and photographers formed an interesting sandwich of chaos.

Having already supported Blossoms regularly throughout 2016 and will be doing the same again in February and March, Cabbage’s headline shows are becoming notorious. Songs such as “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” bring mass euphoria and audience inclusion, whilst “It’s Grim Up North Korea” provides a slower contrast, albeit still maintaining high levels of alternative social commentary.

Cabbage released three four-track EP’s in 2016: ‘Uber Capitalist Death Trade EP’, ‘Necroflat In The Palace EP’ and ‘Terrorist Synthesizer EP’ and have already amassed popular support across the country in fans and media alike. Their potential is perhaps personified through “Necroflat in The Palace” which resonates a sense of degraded irony in the live setting. Self proclaimed as a song “about TV celebrities molesting dead bodies and children,” it is both heavy and thought provoking. Such a trait (thought provocation NOT molestation) is common in their music and thus makes them the most intriguing band in the current dreary modern climate.

Two crowd favourites in “Fickle” and “Kevin” brought closure to their set, which only made the sellout Bodega crowd want more. It is clear Cabbage are onto far bigger and greater things, with the entire night feeling like an “I was there” moment whether it be for the Manchester based or the entirety of their supporting line up.

With much more touring commitments rapidly incoming as well as potential plans for the release of a debut album one can only assume that Cabbage are set for meteoric rise as the year grows older, thus making their Bodega appearance a rarity for it is hard to assume they will return to venues of this size ever again.

Check out the video for “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” below:

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Eudaemonia recommends “Open Mind” by April

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