Interview: April

Following the release of their breakthrough single “Open Mind” just last October, April are rapidly amassing a strong reputation across the country. With such a strong sound and huge aims for 2017 one can only assume it’ll be a year of meteoric rise. This month sees the band tour alongside Cabbage and The Shimmer Band at venues throughout the country, we caught up April just before their set at Nottingham’s Bodega.

Using three words, how would you describe April?

Will: Loud, Fast and Powerful

It feels like as 2016 the year went on you guys became a lot bigger, would you say it was somewhat of a turning point for the band?

Will: I think its this year. However, we did a lot of fun stuff last year such as playing festivals and touring with ‘This Feeling.’ It really did pick up a lot, we did a lost more shows and released “Open Mind” which was our first single.

Billy: We’ve just been growing so much and I feel like we’re now pretty ready.

Would you say that This Feeling has played a helpful role in this?

Billy: Yeah ‘This Feeling’ are sick, any young band or new artist should get in touch with those guys.

Will: They put a lot of people on that could afford to go round the country and tour themselves. You’d have to go promote yourself and find loads of different venues and it’d be really hard so Mikey’s doing a really good thing with This Feeling.’

Billy: He’s a legend man, Knight him!

Will: They’ve brought a lot of people through haven’t they like Blossoms, Cabbage, Vryll Society and The Shimmer Band of course.

You released ‘Open Mind’ in October and sounds like it could be a massive anthem, what approach did you take when writing/producing it?

Will: Its perhaps a little bit different to what we had done before.

Billy: It snowballed didn’t it, it’s like a mountain pot of everyones ideas. I remember it being fun to write because everyone chipped in a little bit and it was a cooking pot of five minds.

Will: It took shape in the studio rather than the practise room.

Billy: Yeah it was sick to record, the guy we were doing it with was fun to record with.

There’s a lot of effects in it too, would you say thats a vibe you want to advance with in the future?

Will: Probably yeah! I think the next song is more towards that style even more so than “Open Mind” was. It (Open Mind) still feels like a guitar band with bits of electronic splattered throughout it but the next song is more electronic with less guitar.

Who would you say your musical influences are as a band?

Ross: Primal Scream, Jagwar Ma, Tame Impala; Loads of stuff to be honest.

Taking away the electronic aspect I get a hint of Kasabian in your sound too, is that something you’ve tried to create?

Will: Maybe Yeah, they’re not a band we dislike and they have really good records. I don’t think we intended to sound like them but its something we listened to when we were younger and its come through.

Billy: They were the local heroes weren’t they.

Will: We practice in their old rehearsal studio, there’s a room downstairs with loads of their old junk in it with their names on it and a piano in the shape of a Marshall amp.

What is it like touring as well, playing across the country? Do you feel you get a different reception in the different places you play at?

Will: Leicester is always good for us because we live locally. I know its really cliche but its good the further North you go, places like Manchester are a really good night.

Billy: I really liked Scotland last year, we played in in King Tuts. They’re sound as fuck man the people there are really chill.

We’ve seen you have been in the studio recently, can we expect any EP’s / new music from you guys in 2017?

Will: The next single is out after the tour which is around March time I think. We have a few festivals coming up too, some of which have already been announced such as Sound City and 2Q festival. So I guess that song will come out and then a few more singles, maybe an EP at some point if we get our act together.

This tour has been branded as an ‘I was there’ moment, what has it been like?

Billy: You have to treat it as your last chance and enjoy every second. As far as the line up goes they are two absolutely wicked bands.

Will: They’re bands that actually mean something who are really good. Theres been bands in the last few years who are shit but have got big because there has been nothing else whereas Cabbage are saying something which not everyone has to do but its true to them. The Shimmer Band are also a really good band, there hasn’t been a tour like this for a long time.

Beyond this tour, what live commitments can we expect from April throughout the rest of 2017?

Will: We’d love to do a headline tour of our own by the end of the year and play to people who have come just to see us and put a couple of people on who we really like.

Where would you like to be in a years time musically?

Ross: We’d like to have at least 8 songs out, enough for people to actually commit to us as a band.

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