Single Review: Lana Del Rey – “Love”

Lana Del Rey is perhaps on of the most popular female artists in the world, her return is not only well received but also a welcome saviour to the dreary popular music scene in which we currently exist within.

“Love” comes as a result of mysterious pop up posters across Los Angeles which appeared over the weekend and is her first release since popular album “Honeymoon” in 2015. It seems to incorporate a similar style to her instantly recognisable sound, perhaps resonating most similarly to 2014s “Ultraviolence.”

Produced by long term collaborator Rick Nowels, the song follows the melodramatic side of Del Rey’s sound, clearly it wouldn’t sound out of place in the most prominent of Hollywood soundtracks. Signs of solidarity and the obvious theme of love is ever present throughout the song, with Del Rey suggesting that ‘love’ is enough to “make you feel crazy.”

Despite much of Del Rey’s back catalogue the new single also incorporates strong hints of hope and future prosperity, an ode to the notion of young love. The video is symbolic of the song, set in a space like setting it features the theme of love in its abundance whilst also centring the singer throughout.

Love is available to stream across all platforms. It is the first hint of new material from the American singer songwriter whom is expected to release an album later in the year. What is sure is that Lana Del Rey’s talented ability is a firm reason for her dominance of the genre, only helping to create excitement for future releases.

Check out the video for “Love” below:

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Image via Beatriz Alvani – Flickr: Lana del Rey @ Planeta Terra, CC BY 2.0,

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