Single Review: The Dunts – “Astroboy”

Whilst you may not have yet heard of The Dunts, it is clear that the Scottish based band have phenomenal talent; their latest single “Astroboy” is synonymous of this.

Having released debut demo EP “Fried” just last year, the intriguing indie band return with what is arguably their most impressive song to date. Recorded at 45 A-Side Recordings in Glasgow the single has all the features of a classic anthem, a mix of both guitar and strong lyricism.

Opening with a slow yet strong verse “Astroboy” eventually comes to an obvious fruition with a host of guitar based features which would not seem out of place on the most recognisable of albums. On first listen the song perhaps resembles the sound of early Arctic Monkeys mixed with a Glaswegian twist. The most impressive part of the song is its less obvious but dynamic chorus which displays effortless melody and class.

The Dunts are slowly amassing a relevant fan base with equally strong songs to match. Having supported Redfaces on the Glasgow leg of their recent UK tour, the band are now set to headline the world famous King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut on May 20th 2017. The famous Scottish venue is known to have played host to some of the best upcoming UK talent in years gone by including Pulp, Blur and Oasis; The Dunts’ impressive early sound makes them candidates to join such an illustrious list.

Their inspirations are well rounded, ranging between The Libertines and The Strokes to The Kinks and Brian Jonestown Massacre. Hints of such legendary names are already prominent in each of their early tracks, though they rightfully have the ability to turn their sound into their own product. Emerging from Scotland’s growing indie scene, which has already been home to bands such as The View and Biffy Clyro, it is clear that the Glasgow based musicians are a band of huge potential.

Whilst still in their infancy, The Dunts’ “Astroboy” is a sign of strong intent. Its strong musical ability is a clear sign of the band’s mass potential.

Check out “Astroboy” below:

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