Focus #6: Alexandra Savior

One can only wonder how Alexandra Savior is already not one of the most prominent female artists in the world however, with an incoming debut album and many upcoming sold out shows it is clear that this will not be the case for much longer.

Savior’s elegant songwriting ability mixed with a sound which creates profound, intriguing class is prominent within each of her well received singles. It was last summer which saw the American break into relative stardom when a demo of her song ‘Risk’ featured in the second series of TV show True Detective. Fast forward a few months and another single named “Shades” appeared. Whilst it effortlessly symbolises her cool, stylish existence it is also evidence of her limitless potential.

Somewhat mysteriously at the time Savior was listed as a co writer for the Last Shadow Puppets’ track “Miracle Aligner” taken from second LP ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect.’ However, this is the fruition of a chance meeting with band member Miles Kane. Having met Kane at a party and jokingly suggesting the possibility of a Turner-Savior partnership, it is incredible to realise the strength and choreography of the pairing which had swiftly come to existence. It is clear that Turner and Savior have developed a strong partnership which seems a little surprising, especially considering his commitments within two other world-famous bands.

Her second single release “M.T.M.E” was even more impressive, seemingly improving upon the production quality of “Shades.” Additionally, her latest single “Mirage” is perhaps the greatest of all and would not seem out of place on the most extravagant of Hollywood movie soundtracks. With an aura not too dissimilar to melancholy Parisian grooves mixed with the soft air of California the single is lyrically and musically superb, a clear ode to Savior’s effortless ability.

Savior is set to tour extensively throughout 2017 in support of her debut album, with a first wave of dates coming in London, Paris and Berlin in April. Her huge potential suggests that it will be a rare chance to see such a distinct artist in an intimate venue, for it is obvious that her sound is soon to be reserved merely for large summer festivals and larger musical halls and theatres.

Whilst it is not too far fetched that one could wish for Savior to compose the next Bond theme or produce soundtracks for great plays and films, an album is a true gift for all of her current and no doubt future fans. Co-written and produced by Alex Turner “Belladonna of Sadness” will be a sign of Savior’s songwriting and musical ability. However, with an already strong influx of singles and an elegant live show to match it is clear that the Oregon born singer is slowly embarking upon a swift journey towards superstardom.

A common trend to all of her singles is its elegant, cultured sound. Whilst she is still to release an album, the faith thrown upon Savior by talent and record companies alike is an ode to her mesmerising ability. With “Belladonna of Sadness” being released in the not too distant future on can only assume that 2017 will mark the rise of Alexandra Savior.

Check out the video for “Mirage” below:

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Image By Justin Higuchi ( [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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