Single Review: The Jacques – “No Kamikaze”

The Jacques are perhaps one of the most promising bands existing within the UK’s burgeoning music scene. Following a year of strategic rebuilding through a new look line up and extensive touring, their latest single “No Kamikaze” is firm evidence of their impressive second coming.

The new track is an interesting example of a gradual musical development over the last year. “No Kamikaze” almost ditches the pop-rock inclinations of their early releases and instead focuses more thoroughly upon a rawer, beautifully chaotic inclination of guitar and lyricism. Opening with a soft guitar melody which effortlessly grows into an interestingly grotty chorus, the song resembles the sounds of an artistic yet re-imagined punk heyday of the past.

Whilst its first obvious outing will come in new single “No Kamikaze,” The Jacques’ evolving musical nature appears to be developing for the better. A first taste of relatively new direction came in “Eleanor Ring Me,” their previous single. Released just last year it is a relative world away from the timeless melodies of the early “Pretty DJ” EP. “No Kamikaze” does well to also establish a heavier, differentiated sound, a move which suggests both ruthlessness and successful evolution in their musical orientation.

The Jacques first formed in 2014 and have since then released two critically acclaimed EP’s and have played regularly across Britain, Europe and beyond. Most notably, they performed in New York at the Brooklyn store of Rough Trade Records as part of the BBC Introducing programme of which the Bristol formed band are firm favourites of. However, their newfound ability to settle upon a slightly differentiated sound alongside new band members is symbolic of the growth of the band.

The Jacques have often been heralded as one of the next big UK talents. It is clear from “No Kamikaze” that they have the potential to fulfil such a statement. 2017 will once more see the band commit to touring and releases, with the prospect of further releases being a certainty as they build up to their eagerly awaited debut album release.

Whilst many bands appear content with normality in sound, it is clear that The Jacques are pioneering a new wave of creativity which will no doubt see the completion of a fruitful second coming.

“No Kamikaze” will be released March 10th, check out The Jacques live at Trans Musicales de Rennes 2016 below:

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