Single Review: Idles – “Mother”

Idles are everything that is fascinating about a modern day band: chaotic, intriguing and refreshingly straight to the point. Their latest single “Mother” epitomises their sound, a speedy yet interesting few minutes of beautiful chaos.

“Mother” opens with a plethora of heavy bass and drum use mixed with violent lyricism. Incredibly relevant, Idles seem to thrive upon the uncertain nature of modern politics and social issues. This is especially resonated through the words: “the best way to scare a tory is to read and get rich.” The song grows even more intense through chorus, lyrically it resembles a modern amalgamation of The Sex Pistols, Slaves and The Clash and at times appears to be even more interesting than such influences.

“Mothers’” video is all the more intriguing. Set before a table of glass objects it is fair to say that their rapid breakage is synonymous of the band’s angry sound. Such anger is not limiting and instead gives an edge to Idles’ sound, they provide the perfect soundtrack to most walks of life.

Debut album “Brutalism” is released March 10, with a full UK tour in support of the record. Passionate, furious and darkly comedic, IDLES’ debut album was described perfectly by Uncut as: “a rare rock record with the rage, urgency, wit and shattering of complacency usually found only in grime.”

Additionally, Idles have been announced as support to The Maccabees on all three of their farewell Alexandra Palace shows in June alongside an appearance at the equally historic Reading and Leeds Festivals. Furthermore, songs such as “Well Done” and “Divide & Conquer” have been well received amongst press and fans alike, it is fair to suggest that their debut album will be equally as supported. Famous fans include Steve Lamacq who suggests that “ lyrically (they are) a mixture of dry obsessional humour and poetic slogans. But, best of all, they really get the adrenalin pumping”.

It is hard to compare Idles to any of their contemporaries. Whilst they attract the chaos and melodies of other bands, their sound is inexplicitly different as proven through “Mother.” Ultimately, Idles are in a league of their own and have a perfect sound to capture the imagination of many.

Their much anticipated debut album Brutalism out 10th March. Be sure to return to eudaemonia for more coverage!

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