Live Review: Peace

Venue: Nottingham Trent University SU

Date: 14/03/2017

In their first official gig in over a year, Peace returned to Nottingham with an hour long set fuelled with well known, much loved songs.

It was perhaps an influx of nostalgia when the Birmingham formed band opened with “Higher Than The Sun.” An ode to their debut album ‘In Love’, the song was thoroughly relatable and somewhat symbolises the energetic return of the band. Having spent such a long time out in preparation for their third album, it was clear that after just one song the band were relishing the prospect of their live return.

“Lost on Me” and “Money” provide raucous examples of ‘Happy People,’ the band’s second album released in 2015. Each of the songs no doubt had a summery vibe which welcomingly matched the current influx of warm weather. “Im A Girl” and “Follow Baby” also featured, embracing the heavier side to Peace’s sound alongside gaping mosh pits and crowd surfing in the relatively small venue.

Performing on behalf of Topman on Tour with NME, the indie band were joined by Will Joseph Cook and Clean Cut Kid, both artists who have mass potential and are sure to have a promising year in 2017 given their notorious support from labels and fans alike.

Famed for their wonderful re-worked covers, “Drain You” was a welcomed addition to Peace’s setlist, it was remarkable to see lead singer Harrison Koisser channel his inner grunge, a strong tribute to the godlike figure that is Kurt Cobain. A song which was once a rarity, “1998” also featured, gone are the days where it was a festival exclusive addition.

Koisser stated that he, his brother Sam, Doug and Dom spent much of the past year secluded in a country house writing the new, hotly anticipated third album. As a result it was suggested that “it’s good to be back from the dead.” Dressed head to toe in camouflage it was perhaps poignant that the band performed on behalf of a fashion brand as they epitomise all that is good in modern fashion.

“Wraith” provided mass sing along and yet another gasp of nostalgia alongside “Lovesick.” Closing with “World Pleasure” and Sam Koisser’s riveting bass solo it was clear that Peace were welcomed back to live touring with open arms.

Despite the seriousness of modern touring it is welcoming to see a band embrace both fans and culture alike. It is hard to think of a band as fun to watch as Peace are and for that reason it is exciting to have the boys returning to the live music scene once more.

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Image via Charlie Barnes

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