Interview: Habitats

We’re huge fans of Habitats. With two well received EP’s already to their name, 2017 is set to be a defining year in the band’s existence. Their tropical grooves and instantly recognisable guitar riffs make their sound intriguing and extremely listenable. We caught up with Adam to discuss their sound, inspirations and future plans.

If you could describe your sound in three word which would they be?

Shit sex sandwich

How would you describe your sound to a new listener? 

Hmm I’d say a little rough around the edges with a groovy, dancy indie vibe and maybe a squidge of psych in there.

‘Diamond Days EP’ came out a few years ago now, do the songs still feel as ’fresh’ and important as they were when they first came out?

We owe a lot to “Diamond Days” and “Piece of Mind” (from Diamond Days EP) as they’re the songs that really started getting us off the ground, which in turn has helped us with everything else. I think we’ll always play them.

Sometimes they get repetitive when practising them nowadays but we still love playing those songs live and have a lot of fun doing so!

‘Guilty Pleasure’ was your latest single, what would you say the story behind the song is? 

To be honest, with ‘Guilty Pleasure’ the lyrics are so vague. We wanted people to listen and make up a story for themselves.

However, when writing these lyrics at the time I guess they were partly about doing something shitty to someone you love, and earning back their trust. And also partly about Mike’s love for baked beans!

We’ve seen you guys live numerous times and your shows are incredible, what do you enjoy most about touring?

I think the main thing is not having to go to work! And the amount of pure comedy gold in that van, squeezing as many people into the smallest hotel rooms, meeting new guys and girls, seeing random people you’ve never met singing back your songs. All of it!

It’s just better than the regular day job and we relish the opportunity.

What other artists inspire your sound?

Van Gogh, William Morrison and Leif Podhajsky.

Is there a song off the EP’s which you particularly enjoy playing?

“Turn Down The Sun” is always a fun one to play live. Its real sad but when mike goes into that solo it still gives me the happiest of feelings, even to this day haha!

We’ve seen you guys are back in the studio, can we expect any new songs and gigs from the band in the near future?

We’ve just finished recording our latest EP and the tracks have been sent off to our management this week! Without giving too much away it consists of 8 tracks that are all quite different sounding.

A re-recorded version of “Guilty Pleasure” is on there, so we’ll see which one you guys prefer! We’ve also got some shows coming up In April, so come to one and we can hang out.

Where would you guys like to be in say 5 years time?

Still alive as long as World War Three hasn’t broken out. Still playing, still having fun and hopefully not taking ourselves too seriously.

Check out the video for “Diamond Days” taken from ‘Diamond Days’ EP below:

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