Record Store Day 2017: Our Picks

With Record Store Day quickly approaching, here’s our favourite tips for this years event. Be sure to rise early though, we are sure that they will be much coveted as the day arrives.

Blossoms: Blossoms (Virgin EMI 10″ LP Picture Vinyl) 

2016 was quite the year for Blossoms. Who would have thought that just over a year since their debut album release they would have reached the heights they currently are. This years Record Store Day sees them release a special version of the album, recorded acoustically at Festival No.6.

Entitled Unplugged At Festival No.6, this release also happens to be produced upon picture vinyl.


Cabbage: Young, Dumb and Full of… (Skeleton Key Records Orange Vinyl) 

One the UK’s most exciting new bands Cabbage release their debut compilation EP as part of the celebration of independent record stores. We’re avid fans of the band and it is clear that this purchase is one not to be missed. Featuring anthems such as “Terrorist Synthesizer” and “Dissonance” it is clear that Cabbage are onto huge things as 2017 comes to a fruition.


The Cribs: Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever (Wichita LP 10th Anniversary Edition Gold Vinyl)

We struggle to think of an album this important to indie rock. ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever’ pioneered such independent sound in such an important musical era, it forever will be a timeless record.

With original copies rare to come by, this beautiful golden reissue is a clear collectors item for all fans of The Cribs.


David Bowie: No Plan (RCA 12″ Clear Blue vinyl)

Bowie was always an avid fan of the humble record and has been part of the celebrations for many years. Constantly releasing picture disks for the event, this year sees the turn of ‘No Plan’ dropped at the beginning of this year.

Be weary, this is one for the early morning collectors.


Deee-Lite: Groove Is In The Heart (Pink vinyl)

Originally released in 1990, it has never been re-released since the original. It’s the first single taken out of the album Deee-Lite, World Clique. The album originally charted in multiple territories in the Top 20 position.

Recently famed for being the chosen sound to a long lost Louis Theroux dancing clip, the famous dance track still remains as relevant now than ever.


Kasabian: You’re In Love With A Pyscho (Columbia 10”)

Lead single, taken from the new album “For Crying Out With A Psycho Loud”. Featuring perhaps a more melodic side to Kasabian’s sound, the track is a firm example of what is yet to come.

Ever the fans of 10” vinyl, Kasabian are once more a part of Record Store Day.


Red Hot Chili Peppers: Go Robot / Peppers Dreams Of A Samurai (Warner Bros. 12”)

Who knows what surprises this record will have in store considering the intriguing nature of the band. Go Robot offers a funkier side to the sound of their latest album.


Slaves: Take Control (Virgin EMI LP)

Slaves are flag bearers of this years 10th Record Store Day celebrations. They will perform an exclusive gig on behalf of the event at London’s Sisteray records. This year they release their latest album “Take Control” on a gold foil covered sleeve.

Additionally, it features an elegant photo diary compiled upon their latest UK tour and during album recording.


The Smiths: The Boy With The Thorn In His Side (1 x 43g 7″ Black vinyl)

With the re-release of The Queen Is Dead coming next year, this years Record Store Day will see a 7″ single featuring two previously unreleased versions of The Boy With The Thorn In His Side and Rubber Ring released.

The Smiths’ singles are often rare to come by these days, this is therefore a great chance to secure the elegant sounds of Morrissey, Marr and co.


This year’s Record Store Day takes place on April 22nd.

Here is the full list of Record Store Day 2017 releases:


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