The Assist return with “Wonderful”

It is hard to not feel little more astronomical after listening to The Assist’s latest single “Wonderful.” Encompassing all the features of a great pop/rock band it is clear that the Walsall boys are onto something huge!

The new single follows on from the success of debut EP ‘Trouble,’ widely seen as a breakthrough set of songs for the band. Having first formed in 2013, the boys are no strangers to the UK’s burgeoning music scene, though it is already clear that 2017 appears to be a coming of age for the band.

Opening with an echoey amalgamation of guitar and effects, “Wonderful” is both interesting and relatively unique. The song’s Britpop influences spring to mind, though it is backed up with an elegant modern effect upon the listener. In bleak modern times “Wonderful” is a perfect form of positive escapism, especially evident in its chorus.

Whilst the concept of a music video appears to have slowly dwindled into somewhat irrelevance, The Assist seem to be able to manipulate the once golden format into something of a characterisation. It epitomises their confidence and multi talented abilities. Half cartoon, half reality, it is hard once more not to feel an echoey, space-like vibe. Overall, it cleverly epitomises the message behind the song with the cartoon characters once more portraying a euphoric presence of positivity.

The Walsall band are currently touring at This Feeling nights across the country, the next few weeks see The Assist head to Cardiff, Manchester, Sheffield and London. Whilst touring commitments beyond this remain relatively unclear, their summery sound makes them a huge shout for festivals up and down the country.

It is rare to see a band as talented and hungry as The Assist are. With more projects such as a future debut album becoming all the more certain, we cannot recommend listening to them enough!

Check out the video for “Wonderful” below:

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