“Shame”: Surge’s Amazing New Single

Not many bands come to mind when thinking of the garage rock scene in Essex. However, all that will change if Surge have anything to say about it!

First bursting onto the scene with “Tears of Joy,” it is already clear that Surge are onto somewhat of a breakthrough in 2017. Their most recent single “Shame” epitomises such a statement.

The new single emphasises the ‘garage’ part of their rock sound. It is both heavy, confident and bodes a sense of superiority throughout. Opening with a guitar riff worth dying for, it grows into being something worthy of a stadium rock anthem.

Both lyrically and musically well produced, the track features strong melody and structure. The chorus is once more heavy and infectious. One can only assume that it is well suited to the live setting, especially at pubs and small club gigs alike.

Surge already seem to be amassing a loyal reputation across Essex, the capital and beyond; they were constantly the most well supported band at previous gigs at Camden’s Barfly and New Cross’ Amersham Arms. Their good reception extends to media and radio too, the band are firmly supported by the BBC Introducing Programme.

Having supported John Hassall & The April Rainers this year it is clear that the band are on a continuing journey to mass popularity. A mini-documentary filmed by Tasneem Hossain gives details of this, it is clear that Surge are smart, confident and effortlessly likeable. The documentary follows the band between Birmingham and London. There is an obvious sign of maturity within the band, something which is once more apparent in their sound. For that reason it is clear that Surge are here for the long run!

“Shame” is an effortlessly interesting single, a true sign of intent from the Essex based band.

Check out Tasneem Hossain’s mini-documentary below:

A Band Called Surge (2017)

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Image by Lauren McDermott , via Surge on Facebook

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