Must See Acts At The Great Escape 2017

We’re big fans of Brighton’s Great Escape Festival. Whilst it seemingly kicks off the summer festival calendar, it more importantly promotes all that is good about new music. Taking place across a variety of venues on 18-20th May, here’s six must see acts you should check out across the weekend.

Bang Bang Romeo

They’re truly in a class of their own, Bang Bang Romeo are embarking on what is already turning out to be a breakthrough year. Musically they are a mix of elegance and energy, think of a hybrid between Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, The Last Shadow Puppets and Jefferson Airplane. Songs such as “Johannesburg” and “Invitation” are prime examples of this. With a set consisting of new releases, you’d be a fool to miss them at this years Great Escape Festival!

The Blinders

With just four hours to get to Brighton from an earlier Leeds show, The Blinders cannot be faulted for their effort. Making huge waves recently, it is surprising to learn that their touring and festival commitments come in the midst of important university exams. If anyone deserves success, it’s The Blinders! Songs such as “ICB Blues” are politically relevant whilst “Swine” is an intrinsic mix of controlled chaos and intensity. Check them out, you won’t regret it!


BlackWaters spent much of last year working on new tunes alongside a certain Carl Barat, bringing even more assertion to their already impressive sound. Arguably their most prominent single “Down” has already made waves throughout the industry. Its frantic sound takes inspiration from much of the 70s Punk onslaught.
The band lead somewhat of a punk revival, this is even more obvious in latest single “Fuck Yeah.” Their heavy sound makes their live show something NOT to be missed!


Where do we start with Cabbage… it is quite clear that they are perhaps the most important of all upcoming bands throughout the UK during such dreary modernity. Their compilation EP release “Young, Dumb and Full of…” is rapidly making waves throughout the industry as a result of its highly charged political connotations.

With an energetic and entirely relevant live show, now more than ever should you aim to see Cabbage – they won’t remain in venues of this size for much longer!

Cosmo Pyke

Cosmo Pyke is arguably one of the most multitalented artists at this years Great Escape Festival. His recent EP release ‘Just Cosmo’ proves this statement, an incredible array of sounds considering his relative youthfulness.

The artistry in songs just as “Chronic Sunshine” and “Wish You Were Gone” is apparent, his sound is like an intrinsic summery hybrid of Mac Demarco and The Beatles.

The Amazons

Having toured throughout well respected, small UK venues throughout the opening of the year, it is clear that The Amazons are rapidly growing to achieve bigger and better things. The release of latest single “Black Magic” epitomises this. The single would not sound of place in large venues and arenas alike, an ode to The Amazons’ massive sound.

Tunes such as “In My Mind” and “Stay With Me” make their live set something not to be missed!

The Moonlandingz

Having just released debut album “Interplanetary Class Classics,” it is clear that The Moonlandingz are rapidly amassing a large nationwide following. This is all the more surprising considering the projects secondary nature, it began merely as a side project.

However, the bands space-like, impressive sound is unbeatable. Songs such as “Vessels” and “Black Hanz” make up the ultimate going out playlist, its clear they wouldn’t sound out of place beaming down from the moon or satellites alike.

Rory Wynne

Having spent much of this year touring with Blossoms it is clear that Rory Wynne has the support of many industry insiders. However, he lets his music do the talking, made obvious through the release of debut EP “What Would Rory Wynne Do?” The EP is a sure sign of his musical development, his sound is far more elegant, confident and all the heavier.

Rory is already tipped for huge things, his confident abilities make him all the more likely to succeed.

The Great Escape takes place in Brighton from 18-20 May 2017. Ticket information here:

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The Great Escape Festival 2017


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