8 Must See Acts At Glastonbury 2017

Glastonbury is always the highlight of the summer, and we plan to bring comprehensive coverage of the event! The festival pioneers new music and constantly creates a strong line up of well known bands alike. Taking place on Worthy Farm from 21-25 June, here’s 8 bands who you MUST check out, whether it be at the even or on TV.

The Moonlandingz

Their latest album ‘Interplanetary Class Classics’ has been a whirlwind success, portraying a clangy, space-like sound which is second to none. Songs such as “Black Hanz” and “Vessels” are already on the verge of becoming classics in the live arena and their effortlessly energetic performances are both impressive and mesmerising.

Featuring members of Brixton rockers Fat White Family and the Eccentronic Research Council, the band are already amassing a huge UK following. It will be interesting to see how their eccentric sound transforms from dingy venues to one of the main stages at Glastonbury.


Sleaford Mods

Like Marmite (or spelling Nottz with a ‘z’), you either love them or hate them. The Nottingham based band have gone from relativity to almost cult icons in a relatively short expanse of time. Released in March, their latest album ‘English Tapas’ is perhaps the most dense, well produced work of their career so far.

Songs such as “Fizzy” and “Live Tonight” bode well in the live setting with “No One’s Bothered” and “Tied Up In Nottz” already becoming the modern day anthems of political irrelevance. Having already performed inside tents at the festival before it would be nice to see the duo in a larger setting and who knows, maybe their sound was made for the Pyramid Stage after all?


The Courteeners

The Manchester icons return to Glastonbury after two of the most successful years in their career so far, from touring UK Arenas to their upcoming May headline date at Manchester’s Old Trafford cricket ground in front of 50,000 fans. Their summery sound is made for stadiums and festivals alike, especially anthems such as “Not Nineteen Forever” and “Bide Your Time.”

Latest album ‘Mapping The Rendezvous’ builds upon a more electronic sound and in no way is it less inferior to equally successful early releases. Overall, it is clear that their sound is perfect for a sunny Saturday evening slot on the Pyramid Stage, lets hope the weather Gods (and Michael Eavis) allow for such scheduling.


Katy Perry

We normally pride ourselves upon promoting new bands who rightfully deserve some form of spotlight, though Katy Perry’s arrival at Glastonbury signifies a new, modern direction for the festival. The American is the latest from a line of pop and chart acts to head to Somerset, with the trend arguably first introduced in 2008 when Jay Z headlined.

Glastonbury bases itself on diversity and Katy Perry is just that, in a weekend fuelled almost entirely by dance and rock bands she provides something of an escape. Additionally, her first album is a rightful guilty pleasure, an ode back to teenage years and therefore a great burst of nostalgia in the Pyramid fields at the festival.


Alt J

Having teased, and eventually released new material, the alt-indie rock band from Leeds return in preparation for their third studio album. Despite their somewhat folktronic sound Alt J have been tipped to be future headliners of festivals such as Glastonbury and so their appearance this year heralds firm testing ground for the band.

Their last album release ‘This Is All Yours’ was met with great content by fans and press alike. Songs such as “Left Hand Free” and “Every Other Freckle” are common in their setlist, though who knows what the band have planned as ‘Relaxer’ grows ever nearer.



This year’s Glastonbury sees somewhat of a Grime takeover with Wiley, Boy Better Know and Dizzee Rascal all heading to the farm. However, the biggest name of them comes in Stormzy who’s already secured a number 1 album this year with debut release ‘Gang Signs And Prayers.’

It is unknown when and where Stormzy will feature, though we suggest it will be quite prominently. Who knows, he may even make a cameo appearance during Ed Sheeran’s Sunday headline performance.


The Can Project

Irmin Schmidt, founding member of Can, has brought this project together as an orchestral reinterpretation of classic Can material alongside new work with the London Symphony Orchestra, as part of a cast of former Can members and famous fans.

The project is still yet to premiere and so what we can expect is still up in the air. Despite this, the legacy of Can is all bearing and delightful, one can only hope it transfers well to the summery fields of Worthy Farm.



2017 has seen Temples return with second album “Volcanos,” a well produced follow up to their incredibly successful debut release. Their sound is suited to summer and Glastonbury like a boat is suited to water and so it is clear that their return will be highly anticipated.

You may known songs such as “Shelter Song” and “Keep In The Dark” though it is in their new album where their sound is entirely strong and developed. “Certainty” is arguably the sound of this summer whereas “Strange Or Be Forgotten” creates an angelic, dreamy atmosphere.


We’re incredibly excited for this year’s Glastonbury Festival. Keep checking back for more ‘Glasto’ related content in the build up to the festival.

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Image By Paul Holloway from Birmingham, United Kingdom [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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