‘Gutter Press EP’: False Heads’ Latest Masterpiece

Following numerous single release over the past two years, False Heads have amassed quite a reputable following. Their latest EP ‘Gutter Press’ is a fine example of their impressive talent.

Ears are perhaps spiked when learning that Iggy Pop is a huge fan of the band though such praise comes with good reason, False Heads have a sound to die for! Based in East London, the band are slowly building an impressive repertoire with a growing back catalogue dating back to 2015. Latest EP ‘Gutter Press’ comes on the back of constant touring and is a fine example of the band’s ever developing sound.

Opening with “Twentynothing” it is clear that the band continue to embark on a heavy, anthemic rock styled sound. Dominated by guitar and crunching lyricism, the song’s chorus is perhaps its most memorable aspect and is well suited to the live setting. “Thick Skin” is a little more relaxed though still as impressive, once again heavy guitar and mesmerising drum beats are at its forefront.

The trio consist of old school friends Luke Griffiths (vocals/guitar), Jake Elliott (bass) and Barney Nash (drums) and are currently signed to Gary Powell’s label 25 Hour Convenience Store. The Libertines drummer clearly has a strong ear for signing upcoming talent though False Heads are arguably the flag-bearers of the label, it is clear that they are fated the larger stages.

“Weigh In” resembles a hybrid between Black Sabbath and Royal Blood, with its fast pace providing a scintillating backdrop to any playlist. Both “Slew” and “Comfort Consumption” continue to build upon the obvious musical development in which ‘Gutter Press’ is formed upon, it is clear that the EP is one of their greatest releases to date and a firm sign that the band are rapidly making progress as 2017 grows older.

Beyond Iggy Pop, False Heads have amassed a strong list of fans ranging between the NME and Q Magazine to Radio 1 and Radio X. It is clear their sound is suited to a broad range of listeners, between indie and rock, metal and pop. Their broad sound is perhaps a unique selling point, though at the same time they still have so much individuality, False Heads are any music fans’ dream.

With more touring planned for the future, including a headline performance at Camden Assembly, it is clear that now is the time to see False Heads. They EP ‘Gutter Press’ is a firm example of their mass potential.

Check out the video for “Thick Skin,” taken from ‘Gutter Press EP’ below:


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