Habitats release new single ‘Clubhouse’

Embarking upon trend set through their first two EP’s, Habitats return with tropically chaotic new single ‘Clubhouse.’

The Basingstoke band have been touring for numerous years, with headline shows across London and beyond. Their debut EP release ‘Diamond Days EP’ features many well loved songs including ‘Diamond Days’ and ‘Piece of Mind,’ both of which resonate strongly in the live arena. Their second EP ‘Jungles’ only heightened their strong reputation, leaving fans and media alike willing for more releases.

Opening with an catchy guitar riff mixed with elegant bass-lines and drum beats, Clubhouse resembles something from the most summery of playlists. It is clear that the band have set on an intriguingly rhythmic sound, the song is none too different to previous creations though is entirely symbolic of Habitats’ massive potential.

Lyrically the song is both sound and elegant, mixing party rhythms with intrinsic emotion, it’s the song to be played as you leave a club and urge to continue into the realm of the night. What is most exciting about Habitats is their exciting message, in dire times it is refreshing to see a band who create music which is fun and enjoyable.

Habitats’ live show is like no other, energetic and well performed. Songs such as ‘Jungles’ and ‘Should Know Better’ could be mistaken for anthemic 80s dance floor fillers. With influences ranging between Peace, Foals, David Attenborough and Picasso, it is clear that the band are fated to the larger stages and festivals alike.

The band embark upon a short tour this month, from Nottingham to Leeds via Manchester. Additionally, 6th October sees them head to Camden’s Dingwalls’ in London, gracing the legendary stage in support of their latest EP in their biggest show to date.

Habitats are fun, refreshing and talented. ‘Clubhouse’ is yet another example of their elegant, tropical sound. You’d be a fool if you didn’t make the band the soundtrack to your summer!


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