Focus #7: The ‘Jack Rocks 7′

We normally associate each edition of our ‘Focus’ series to just one artist however, the ‘Jack Rocks 7’ is a concept not to be missed and features SEVEN of the greatest upcoming bands in the country. The roster has been handpicked by Jack Daniel’s to play the Jack Rocks Tent at each of the four major festivals the brand will be collaborating with this summer: TRNSMT, The Great Escape, Isle of Wight and Reading. The partnership comes alongside This Feeling, the life blood of the UK’s upcoming music scene in 2017.


Wow, where can we start with Trampolene, they’re truly onto something big this year! In preparation for the release of their debut EP, these series of festival gigs will be a celebration of all that it has taken for the Welsh rockers to get to this point. Latest EP ‘Pocket Album Five’ was perhaps their greatest to date. Songs such as “Divided Kingdom” are suited to arenas, whereas “Blue Balls And A Broken Heart” offers a softer, more elegant side to lead singer Jack Jones’ voice. (And a beautiful accompanying video featuring Peter Doherty’s Grandma to match.)

Trampolene’s back catalogue is ever growing, it is rare for a band to be as musically productive. Songs such as “Alcohol Kiss” and “Tom Hardy” make up part of their ferocious setlist, their live show is not to be missed. Energetic and Powerful, Jones’ poetry is also a firm aspect of the band and creates an impressive unique selling point. “Ketamine” and “To Be A Libertine” are perhaps the most notable of the Welshman’s works so far. In all, Trampolene are onto something massive and if any of their famous fans (Barat, Doherty, Ray Davies amongst many) have anything to do with it they’ll be festival regulars in no time.

The Wholls

Think Jamie T mixed with Blossoms, The Streets mixed with The Prodigy, and you still don’t come close to The Wholls’ massive sound! Their explosive sound makes The Wholls’ live set an intriguing moment in itself. “Take Jimi” is a firm example of this, it’s heavy beats and ferocious lyricism makes it a force to be reckoned with in the live arena. It ultimately has a chorus to die for!

Their other release “X21” has already gained many fans throughout the industry with its emphasis on effect-strong guitar with a techno edge. It suits the sound of a heavier Kasabian, if they manage to achieve the success of the latter then they’re onto a winning formula!

Bang Bang Romeo

Bang Bang Romeo’s touring commitments are second to none, it is hard to think of artists as active as the Sheffield band consisting of Anastasia Walker, Ross Cameron, Joel Philips and Richard Gartland. Their sound is a mix of elegance and energy, think of a hybrid between Fleetwood Mac, Florence and the Machine, The Last Shadow Puppets and Jefferson Airplane… no pressure then!

Walker’s vocals are powerful, “Johannesburg” is the perfect example of this. Such vocals mix well with clangy, echoey guitar riffs and a pacy drum beat through out. Such a perfect amalgamation of sound will provide a metaphorical escape from muddy British Festival fields to the most tropically intense environments. Previous singles “Invitation” and “Carnival” also do well to create such an atmosphere.

The Blinders

The Blinders have so much potential, such credentials can be seen in latest B-Side release “Ramona Flowers.” With spaced out riffs and heavy bass-lines it is a soundtrack of youth and confidence and puts most bands’ A-sides to shame. The Blinders’ chaotic sound gives them perfect credentials for the festival stage and beyond.

Lead single “Swine” is also one not to be missed, varying in both tempo and instrumental characterisation it has rightfully gained mass exposure and is the most likely song of all to pave the way for a defining era of modern political punk revival. The Blinders’ sound means that they are destined for the top, we can only assume that the trio are soon to righteously become the unofficial torchbearers of their intrinsic genre.

Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels have a sound fuelled by a mix of melody and adrenaline, both intriguing and brimming with confidence. Like a hybrid between Royal Blood and Kings Of Leon their sound is well suited to the ‘Jack Daniels’ brand and would make the perfect soundtrack to an alcohol enthused summer evening. Formed of Danny Core, Luke Davis, James Tranter and James Dudley, the Birmingham based band have amassed a strong fan base and interesting repertoire of songs.

‘Georgia Pine EP’ was released just last year and is a fantastic example of their ranging sound. Title track “Georgia Pine” and “Suzie” evoke a summery, more melodic side to their sound and is perfectly suited to late summer evenings. “Low” is even more impressive, faster and more energetic it bodes confidence and swagger. Ultimately, Broken Witt Rebels have a sound suited perfectly to festival stages across the UK.

White Room

Psych rock doesn’t come any better than White Room, their fuzzy guitar sounds mixed with pure angelic lyric and voice presents a mesmerising combo of all things good. Formed in 2014, it is their latest single “Stole The I.V.” which resonates best in the live setting, an imaginative summery gaze which is perfectly suited for festivals.

“Think Too Much” is once more a mesmerising anthem, think Temples and Vryll Society and add on some energy and gigantic lyricism and you have an idea of the power of this single. With more touring and releases to come, now is the perfect time to introduce yourself to the Brighton based band.

The Sundowners

With an album already released and years worth of touring experience behind them, The Sundowners are arguably the most experienced band of the class of seven. The Wirral formed band play a key part in James Skelly’s Skeleton Key set up and it is clear why they are regarded with such great promise.

Their sound is much like an electronic, modern equivalent of The Byrds mixed with Velvet Underground. Embarking on a full length UK tour in the coming months, the band are famed for elegant sounding spaced out rock sounds and a fine mix of live ability and technical talent. Songs such as “Into The Light” and “Back To You” are phenomenal fan favourites, a firm insight into their talented musical abilities.

Finally, a huge thanks to both Jack Rocks and This Feeling for not only putting on this format but constantly creating projects of a similar nature, without them upcoming modern rock music scenes would struggle to exist in the way they do today.

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