Interview: SheWolf

We caught up with Parisian grunge band SheWolf recently. Their ferocious sound is both interesting and melodic and presents a new wave of grunge fuelled by intense musical ability. With dates coming up across Europe and more music planned, it is clear that SheWolf are onto something special!

How did SheWolf begin? Has it been a long process to get to where you are now?

Alice : I started the band in 2015, wanting to fulfil my big teenage dream of singing and composing for a grunge band. I posted an ad to find musicians and got a reply from MC dreamed to play the drums (she already was a gifted multi-instruments player). We quickly found Diane who was playing the guitar in her own band, we saw her play live thought she was bloody good and moved like no one else. We asked her if she wanted to join the band and she did !

Fanny, who was behind the camera of our first music video for “Red Moon Slave” joined the band later. Our first gig was 1 year ago. We really worked hard on growing the band. Everything went pretty fast, the EP recording, the music video shooting, nice venues having us, we even played on TV. So it was a long individual process to get there of course, but as a band things went fast. However it’s still the beginning. And the good news is that we found a really efficient and supporting manager, Caroline Reinicke from CR Management.

If you could describe your sound in three words which would they be?

SheWolf : Emotional, wild, raw.

How would you describe your sound to the new listener?

Alice : I’d say that we have an instinctive rhythmic basis, with a drum exploring a lot of possibilities, sometimes nearly tribal when using a lot of toms…the guitar has much distortion and gets easily wild, but can also be gentle. What try to play on the contrast between a soft edge and a hard one. I can be whispering and the next second be screaming my guts out. We wanna let our musical instinct and raw emotions lead us in the composition and in the playing. We use inspiration from 90s grunge and mixed it with our personal creativity to make our own sound.

We’re huge fans of your debut EP, what can you tell us about it?

SheWolf: The EP gathers everything that happened between the very beginning (August 2015) and October 2016. The songs came out from my room; I had the lyrics, the melody, the basic chords, sometimes a bass line. Diane would arrange the guitar parts, MC would arrange her drum parts. We would give life to the songs all together.

In 2016 we met Nico Rubner via Facebook and were invited to record our songs in his very nice Marburg Studios in Germany. Back home we decided to release it as an EP which is SheWolf’s  founding act. It’s the material around which the hound gathered, it’s the primal fire. Now we can start to create something more precise, more striking. The fire is fierce, now we’re going to start to sculpt it, to sharpen it.

Do you have any favourite songs to play live?

Alice : I like to play “Sally” and “Valium,” they’re uneven and require much listening and focus. They make me feel, even more than the other songs do, an invisible, intense musical bond between us all.

We love the grunge influences behind your sound, who are your musical inspirations?

Alice : Nirvana, Hole, Radiohead, Portishead

MC : Portishead, Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, PJ Harvey, Placebo

Fanny : Tina Turner, New order/Joy division, les Rita Mitsouko (not so grunge influences for me)

Diane : Alice in Chains, The Cure, Sonic Youth and RATM

What was it like to play in London? Do you find it any different to playing in Paris?

Alice : Yes, it’s different! The audience was really involved, warm and welcoming, which was a good point. There is something crazy in the atmosphere. The music scene is very dynamic there, with gigs all the time. But you can also feel the other side of the coin: the competition between bands, the “pay-to-play” habit…Luckily we met some great english bands that are fighting this system. We really had a good time in London.

What do you have planned for the future? Anymore EP’s/ gigs coming up?

SheWolf: Yep ! We’re starting a new creative dynamic aiming at composing the second EP (or, if we feel like it’s time, the first album).

We’ll play La Féline (Paris) in April, Le Cirque Electrique (where we’ll share the stage with great girlband and girl-fronted bands) in May and Le Klub in May as well.

We also play two festivals in France around the summer and we are gonna be touring England and Germany throughout September and October 2017.

All our gig dates are on our website

Finally, where would you like to be as a band in a years time?

Alice : I want to write excellent music, with brilliant lyrics. I want to push myself further and dig deeper towards pure sincerity and full commitment to music. I want to reach the point where our egos, our doubts, our fears are totally melt in the joy and excitement of creativity. I wanna reach the heart of everyone listening by letting it go. I wanna get famous, not for the sake of being famous, but to get to be heard.

I want us to have a tribune to stand up for sincerity, creativity, and of course to support the major role of girls and women in music and art in general. I wanna feel the joy of playing big music gatherings like the Reading Festival and I want to write a bunch of brilliant rock songs before I die.

Check out the video for “Red Moon Slave” below:

SheWolf will play:

11.05.2017: LE KLUB, PARIS, FRANCE

28.09.2017: 93 FEET EAST, LONDON, UK

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Image via SheWolf on Facebook

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