Plastic People debut with “Never Let Me Know”

Until now, Plastic People have been somewhat of a mystery entity with a reputation for ferocious live shows. However, the release of “Never Let Me Know” represents their first studio release, a true sign of their unique talent.

The duo themselves have suggested that debut single release has been “a long time coming.” Founded in February 2016, it is obvious that much of the last year has been spent creating and developing a set of songs ready for release this year and beyond.

“Never Let Me Know” is both confident and mesmerising, a mix of bass and drumbeat which allows the creation of a summery yet dense sound. Lyrically strong and entirely thought provoking, the song comes into its own within the chorus. Best suited to a live setting, Plastic People’s debut single is without a doubt a firm example of their fine musical ability.

Their debut gig at London’s Water Rats was an impressive sign of things to come, though 2017 now represents a year of mass touring and exposure for the London based band. 20th April sees the band head to Soho’s famous Alleycat Bar, though we can assumably hope and expect much more live exposure as 2017 grows old.

Plastic People are intriguing, their confidence can be noted through their sound. “Never Let Me Know” represents a strong example of their mass potential, it is clear that this is only the beginning!

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