Focus #8: The Shimmer Band

Where do we even begin with The Shimmer Band… They’re refreshing, honest and pure example of all the things the modern music scene is missing. Their synth, electronic sound mixes guitar and effects to produce a cacophony of musical genius. With touring and releases becoming all the more regular, it is already clear that the band are onto something MASSIVE!

Formed in 2014, the Bristol based band have gone from strength to strength. Their sound is instantly described as explosive psychedelic rock, something which resonates most strongly in the live setting. Perhaps one of the best ways to describe The Shimmer Band’s sound is like Kasabian with a far more of an insatiable electronic edge, something which is yet to be replicated and entirely necessary. Because of their sound alone it is already clear that the band are here for the long run.

Productivity and assertion further spawns from the band, their commitment to touring and single releases is second to none. In the live setting an impeding sense of self assurance is further promoted, The Shimmer Band truly have every right to feel in such a way and it is perhaps refreshing to see a band exuding confidence. Such a mixture of sound and attitude mixed with colour and instantly recognisable sunglasses gives The Shimmer Band an ideal characterisation, they truly look like an effortlessly cool rock band.

Debut releases such as “Shoot Me (Baby)” and “Freedom” are both technically well produced and intriguing. The latter is a perfect blend of atmosphere and intense lyricism, something which perfectly characterises the Bristol band’s sound. “Shoot Me (Baby)” is all a little more heavy and suits the live setting perfectly, invoking circle pits and crowd surfing alike.

The band recently supported Cabbage on a full length UK tour, a line up which in many years time may likely go down in history. With Cabbage firmly establishing a relevant political narrative, The Shimmer Band are a far more forward, positive, ‘in your face’ kind of rock band. With support from the likes of This Feeling and BBC Introducing alongside mass radio plays on the giddy heights of Radio 1 it is obvious that these boys are going somewhere!

Third single “Sunkick” is all the more positive and literally resembles its title. Most suited (yep you guessed it) to the summer, the song has huge potential and would not sound out of place at festivals and in stadiums alike. Such a statement has already been tested when the band supported the Stereophonics at Cardiff City’s stadium just last year. It uses synths to build an intense yet energy fuelled melody mixing with superb lyricism like no other.

“Jacknife And The Death Call” continues to build upon their already flourishing sound, arguably it is their finest work to date. Heavy drum beat and crashing sounds create an energetic sense of flamboyancy with a dark edge. Much like “Shoot Me (Baby)” it has the ability to draw energy within a crowd inciting circle pits and crowd surfing alike. This mixes well with band interaction and overall musical perfection which ultimately makes The Shimmer Band one of the best bands to see in the modern era.

The accompanying music video for “Jacknife And The Death Call” is symbolic of the band’s flamboyancy. Already amassing many views, it is a mixture of strobe, smoke, colour and elaborate sunglasses which suit the dramatic yet intriguing nature of the track. One notable aspect of The Shimmer Band is their consistency in album art work. Much like their sound it is both interesting and colourful. Ultimately, a ‘mish-mash’ of sound and image creates recognisability and is a sign of great longevity.

The Shimmer Band are ever expanding their touring commitments. Currently they embark on a full length tour encompassing cities such as Bristol, Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham. Such a tour has been praised for its wonderful supporting class including bands such as Ivory Wave and Vida. Their venture to London’s Camden Assembly is somewhat of a mini festival itself and features two other eudaemonia favourites in The Blinders and Sisteray.

Overall, it is clear that the band are onto something special; their sound and enthusiasm for music is second to none. We need bands like The Shimmer Band now more than ever!

Check out the video for “Freedom” below:

Check out The Shimmer Band’s remaining UK tour dates below:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 18.39.26

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