Blondie release new single “Long Time”

Blondie: perennially cool and ever consistent in rolling out the highest calibre of fun, effortless guitar music. From their eponymous debut album and continually throughout their career, Blondie redefined the way music is enjoyed.

Debbie Harry fronts the post punk band who’s name has in turn, become eponymous with the movement and defied the largely male dominated rock scene of the late 20th century. Ultimately, this leaves her as an inspiration for generations of women, a true musical and cultural icon. I imagine that Blondie’s rise in significance could be found tessellate with the boom in sales of cosmetic peroxide. Both Blondie’s image, and their songs, became monumental for music as it even further pushed the boundaries of rebellion that the likes of David Bowie and The Rolling Stones had been engaging in for a while before Blondie emerged into the mainstream.

Despite my indestructible love for Blondie, I cannot hide the fact that I was concerned that the new material Blondie are releasing ahead of their upcoming shows (including Camden’s Roundhouse on 3rd May) would not be on par with the tunes that I have been listening to since I was merely a foetus. However, I am delighted to announce to you all, that Blondie have not left me feeling anything other than ecstatic with their latest release “Long Time.”

Suitably anthem worthy, this is the sort of song with an optimistic back beat and motif running throughout that would render it a suitable option for the emotional montage that will appear in the middle of my own personal biopic (this is part of the main judgement criteria I base my opinion of a track on. Just Joking. I think.). The lyrics are vague, however more poetic than Blondie’s previous release to this entitled ‘Fun’.

The vocals definitely hark back to Debbie Harry’s earlier work as in Blondie. Whimsical sounding but intelligently layered over heavy gutter riffs and dramatic drums, this track has instant appeal, leaving you feel that you have heard it a million times before, a unique quality (to me anyway) which is possessed by almost all of Blondie’s best material.  This track reminds me of music churned out in their ‘heyday’, but why can’t now be Blondie’s heyday, this “Long Time” proves conclusively, that they still own the show.

Catch Blondie’s pop up shop in Camden at Camden Market, running between April 29th and May 3rd where there will be exclusive march available including limited edition records and clothing.

Words by Molly Davies

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Image By Private Stock Records (eBay item photo front photo back photo front) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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