Focus #9: 485c

485c are interesting and compelling, from their name to their sound they evoke a sense of excitement. With an energetic rock sound to die for it is clear that the band are onto something special.

Having formed aged 12, early in their school careers, 485c have slowly evolved from being a cover band to a fully fledged musical entity. With inspirations ranging between Bloc Party, Oasis and The Maccabees, it is clear that the London based band have a sound worth listening to, creating an aura of both confidence and excitement.

Political commentary and deliberation of key social issues are apparent in their sound, something which makes a band all the more relevant and intriguing. “American Walls” is a firm example of this. In times of dire uncertainty, bands such as 485c become increasingly important, their sound and lyrics have the ability to provoke thought in the listener.

Their two early releases display much potential. “She’ll Lie” was the first official release from the Essex formed band and is far more slower paced than its counterparts. However, there is an obvious, strong melody formed through drum beat and guitar riffs. This song is entirely thought provoking, repetitive cries of “She’ll Lie” in its chorus creates a unique atmosphere which is somewhat eerie and entirely intriguing at times.

“In My Cell” formed part of their debut release and differentiates itself from its eventual successors. Heavy guitar solos and fast paced lyricism relates it to a modern equivalent of catchy 60s equivalents. Resonating similarly to the sound of The Strypes, 485c are able to introduce an aura of confidence into their sound whilst also maintaining a catchy sound.

With echoey voice effects and more obvious use of guitar pedals alike it is clear that their second venture represents musical development in 485c’s sound. Whilst not entirely uncanny, their resemblance to a Strokes/Libertines hybrid is sometimes obvious, in a good way of course! “Strange Medicine” already has signs of being a live anthem, it is formidable and constantly invokes an urge to dance. Alongside this, “American Walls” creates a confident, atmospheric effect which is at times mesmerising. Overall, their latest single release is a perfect way to continue the night into the small morning hours.

485c’s touring commitments are rapidly expanding, especially across the capital. 2017 already looks like a year of productivity. With a festival appearance at Wilkestock Festival already announced, expect many more festival and live announcements to follow. Having played as part of This Feeling at Nambucca this month already, their raucous live ability is slowly gaining a solid, exciting reputation.

With seven years of performance behind them, 485c uniquely have the experience of any of the worlds leading touring bands whilst still remaining in an exciting development phase. 20th April saw the band head to London’s vinyl bar, opposite the extraordinary St. Pauls cathedral as part of the Music Social hosted by The Zine UK and ArtBeat Promo. Performing alongside Apeman Spaceman it was clearly a night not to be missed, celebrating two of the best bands in which London’s burgeoning music scene has to offer.

485c have formidable talent, their exciting sound is certain to be going places! With 2017 growing older, one can only hope for more live appearances and releases alike. It is clear that the London based band are onto something special.

Check out 485c at The Old Blue Last in November 2016 here:

485c live at London’s Vinyl Bar (St Pauls), images by Charlie Barnes 

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