Live Review: Jack Rocks 7 Showcase

Venue: Sebright Arms, Hackney (London)

Date: 18/04/2017

It is a rarity to have the opportunity to see a band whom you are sure is fated to big stages however, the ‘Jack Rocks 7’ showcase at Hackney’s Sebright Arms in London blew that all of out of proportion. Forget just one… the night featured SEVEN bands who are each embarking upon a incredible path to great things!

Bang Bang Romeo opened the evening, their unique and elegant mix of guitar, melody and powerful lyricism is second to none. It was such a rarity to see a room so busy so early on in the night but the power of the Doncaster formed band alongside the reputation of the evening made it all the more possible. The band are well practised and effortlessly cool, their unique potential makes them all the more likeable.

White Room followed and in all ways represent a youth culture of positivity. Their sound and look is resemblant of a Blossoms/Pulp hybrid, though it is at times all the more powerful. Songs such as “Stole the I.V.” and “Think Too Much” were met with great response and only further their credentials as one of the most promising bands in the country right now. Their positivity is refreshing and ideally fit the summery vibe of the evening.

The ‘Jack Rocks 7’ is a concept not to be missed and features SEVEN of the greatest upcoming bands in the country. The roster has been handpicked by Jack Daniel’s (okay, not the man himself) to play the Jack Rocks Tent at each of the four major festivals the brand will be collaborating with this summer: TRNSMT, The Great Escape, Isle of Wight and Reading. The partnership comes alongside This Feeling, the life blood of the UK’s upcoming music scene in 2017 with whom all our Saturday nights/summer festivals/weekdays/lives (delete as appropriate) would be rather boring.

The Wholls continued the extravaganza which was slowly beginning to resonate one big family of which This Feeling act as the metaphorical founding fathers, slowly pioneering the new music scene into a golden age. With a whole cacophony of popular support between management, press and fans alike, The Wholls’ crowd was perhaps one of the most impressive of the night. Songs such as “X21” and “Take Jimi” are even more impressive in the live arena, in interesting mix of lyrics, effects and intense beats.

Perhaps most impressive were The Blinders, their sound is heavy and relevant and especially well practised. Their live show is tight and their message says all the right things. This was exemplified through a thoroughly professional set despite a broken bass guitar and snapping guitar strings, with the switch occurring during a four string version of adrenaline fuelled hit “Swine.” “ICB Blues” was another highlight of the set and is well suited to the live setting whilst also providing an example of their relevant, political motives.

Broken Witt Rebels continued to impress with a short set mixing both melody and adrenaline to prove diversity within their sound. Their sound is relevant to the brand of Jack Daniels and is entirely suited to summer festivals. Tonight is merely a hint of what is yet to come as the summer progresses. The Sundowners also wowed the growing crowd with psychedelic hits including “Ritual” and “Horizon.” Their sound is formidable and insanely well practised, it is not a question of ‘if’ they will get big, but instead merely only a matter of time.

And so it was down to Trampolene to close the night, and boy did they take it in their stride. Despite a mix of technical issues and a rapidly approaching curfew, the Welsh rockers still enthused the crowd with a mix of tune and poetry. Lead singer Jack Jones’ refreshing approach involved much crowd interaction, at times creating much uncertainty in the best way possible. Jones currently tours alongside Peter Doherty, with the impact of the latter becoming more obvious on both sound and technical ability. Trampolene mix the chaotic nature of bands such as The Libertines with musical elegance and adrenaline fuelled anthems making them all the more mesmerising. Overall, Jones displays all the qualities of an era defining frontman, Trampolene as a rock outfit are truly gaging something special!

The Jack Rocks 7 concept is refreshing and interesting, it is everything that the modern music industry needs. Off to TRNSMT, Reading, The Great Escape or Isle Of White Festivals this summer? You are in for a treat!

Check out a short clip of “Bourgeoisie Girl” by Trampolene, take from the Jack Rocks 7 Showcase:

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