Sisteray release “Queen’s English” video

As you can tell by now, we’re pretty huge fans of London rockers Sisteray. Their music is relevant and unique and entirely necessary. This is established in their latest single “Queen’s English” for which the video is released this week.

Taken from their latest EP project ’15 Minutes,’ this video is shot throughout much of East London, home to the band. It mixes shots of them walking through streets with protest images, scenes from riots and their hyperbolic differentiation to the upper echelons of political elite.

Formed of Niall Rowan (vocals), Dan Connolly (guitar), Marco Polo (drums) and Mick Hanrahan (bass guitar), the band has a stringent political agenda. In this case “Queen’s English” appears to be an obvious anti-Brexit single.

Opening with an instantly recognisable guitar based sound, the new single is adorned with elegant riffs and timeless bass lines. However, it is lyrically where the song comes into a league of its own. A take on the elitist rule and their equally obsolete use of language, “Queen’s English” instead distances itself from such ignorance. Lyrically playing upon the emotions of working class there is an aura of hard felt anti-establishment origins.

There are strong hints of modern day social issues. “We’re fucked, lets be realistic” is what plays on the mind of the listener even hours after first listening to the track. Hints back to the days of Brexit (we dub it Brexshit) are constantly alluded to, with reference to David Cameron ‘fucking’ up the country and going on the run. There is allusions that we are enslaved to the ruling elite and an inability to speak the ‘Queen’s English’ becomes metaphorical of an arising, disillusioned populous.  The song truly is a cacophony of modern social issues, all of which incredibly relevant and thought provoking for the listener.

The new video is symbolic of all of this and more. Sisteray appear effortlessly cool as they stride around East London streets, and it is their message which pictures their sound as all the more relevant. Check it out below!

’15 Mintues EP’ was released on 14th April, it is available digitally or vinyl. Check out the video for “Queen’s English” below:

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Image via Vallance Records

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