Live Review: The Shimmer Band, The Blinders, Sisteray

Venue: Camden Assembly, London

Date: 28/04/2017

London has been an epicentre of musical growth in recent weeks. Line up after line up has continued to blow minds and etch new memories into the minds of many. However, one can argue that this triple header of infinitely talented future starts topped all of what came before it.

Up first were Sisteray, punk rockers with an aim of both resurgence and political relevance. Their sound is all the more unique when combining relevant issues, instantly recognisable guitar riffs and an intriguing aura of pro-activism. The room swiftly brimmed to capacity as the London based band belted through already known hits such as “A Wise Man Said” and “Who R Ya.”

It was additions from latest EP ’15 Minutes’ which gave a true insight into the current standing of the band. In some ways a sign of improvement to an already flourishing live sound, the new songs truly add a newfound edge to Sisteray’s live set. “Faaast Food” and “Queen’s English” are two firm examples of this, both politically relevant and musically strong they do well to encapsulate feelings of modern discontent. Ultimately, Sisteray are a band of huge potential, their massive sound makes them one of our favourite bands in the capital right now!

And then it was onto The Blinders, WOW, an amalgamation of interesting sounds, ferocious melodies and at times all out powerful rage through guitar. They are quite possibly the fastest growing upcoming band in the country right now, everyone wants a piece of the Doncaster formed band in 2017. All the more impressive considering they are all the while battling through university degrees and increasingly regular touring life alike.

Their opening tracks ranged between the fast paced, highly political anthem of “ICB Blues” and a teasingly slower but instantly recognisable version of “Ramona Flowers.” Released recently as a B side, (yes… a B-SIDE!) they are clearly taking the piss and just showing off at this point! “Swine” also echoed around the small Camden room like a dreamey escape from the norm of modern music, their sound is clearly different and rapidly growing into something quite spectacular.

And so it was onto The Shimmer Band, touted constantly as ones to watch out for. However, nothing could prepare for the incredible power of their Camden set, they are truly bound for eternal greatness. Their set consisted of incredible musical ability, a cacophony of songs bound for far greater rooms. Latest single “What Is Mine?” gained a huge reception and is a sign of the band’s mass potential, a song which came out just last week has already grown into being a massive fan favourite.

Formed in 2014, the Bristol based band have gone from strength to strength. Their sound is instantly described as explosive psychedelic rock, something which resonates most strongly in the live setting. Perhaps one of the best ways to describe The Shimmer Band’s sound is like Kasabian with a far more of an insatiable electronic edge, something which is yet to be replicated and entirely necessary. Because of their sound alone it is already clear that the band are here for the long run.

“Freedom” and “Sunkick” already have the potential to be superior summer tunes. They echo around the room as though they anthems of generation, not bad for a band who are only just embarking upon such a journey. “Jacknife And The Death Call” also continues to create an anthemic vibe, it is heavy in both lyric and bass and creates an intimidating yet entirely intriguing atmosphere.

The Shimmer Band have an impressive sound mixing synths and guitar with great lyricism. In the live setting their confidence is obvious, their stage presence is a firm example of this. The bright lighted backdrop of the Camden Assembly is a metaphor of their ultimate potential, it is clear that their Camden triumph has taken them to the next level.

Check out the video for “Sunkick” below:

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