Live Review: Alexandra Savior

Date: 26/04/2017

Venue: Oslo, Hackney (London)

We’ve spent much of the past year excitingly tracking the ever growing musical existence of Alexandra Savior. Her sound and story hints at mystery, though as releases grew numerous and press exposure grew stronger our obsession with the American singer became stronger than ever; coinciding with her recent gig at London’s Oslo.

Her impressive lyrical ability was apparent from the start. Songs such as “Mirage” and “Audeline” were greeted with much exaggeration. Think of all the greatest Bond themes mixed with a dash of Last Shadow Puppets and Blondie and you still haven’t managed to provide even half the description of Alexandra Savior’s power. Best suited to long summer nights and only the greatest of wold cities, her recent album ‘Belladonna Of Sadness’ is already one of our favourite releases this year.

Savior appeared both delicate and gracious, imaginably somewhat blow away by the loving response in which her London crown greeted each song so devotedly with. The venue was full to the rafters as upbeat, fast paced songs such as “M.T.M.E” and “‘Til You’re Mine” echoed around the historical, old hackney room. The latter is incredibly infectious, like an elegant ode to love or an upbeat pondering of hope.

The Portland born singer has a cacophony of famous friends, none more so than Alex Turner who produced and contributed to much of her debut album. Somewhat mysteriously at the time Savior was listed as a co writer for the Last Shadow Puppets’ track “Miracle Aligner” taken from second LP ‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect.’ However, this is the fruition of a chance meeting with band member Miles Kane. Having met Kane at a party and jokingly suggesting the possibility of a Turner-Savior partnership, it is incredible to realise the strength and choreography of the pairing which had swiftly come to existence. It is clear that Turner and Savior have developed a strong partnership which seems a little surprising, especially considering his commitments within two other world-famous bands.

Her set continued to explore much of her debut album alongside her live band, a like minded mix of stylish musicians. “Cupid” and “Vanishing Point” explore a softer, though equally mysterious side to her abilities. Like the rest of the set they were both strong lyrically. Turner’s influence can be felt upon her wording though equally Savior has the ability to stand her own ground in such departments.

Unlike other artists, her voice is just as mesmerising live as it is on record as stated constantly by the capacity London crowd. This was perhaps best portrayed in closing song “Mystery Girl.” It was arguably the nights most outstanding song and displayed dwelling, echoing emotion in its purest form. It distanced itself from the album version which in some ways made it all the more interesting, adding something quite special to a mesmerising but sometimes all too similar back catalogue of songs.

Despite this, Savior has clearly gone from strength to strength. Debut album ‘Belladonna Of Sadness’ may have boasted a sense of absolutely deserved entitlement to be in such a position, though her perfect live sound at Hackney’s Oslo pushed her through boundaries and into an entire class of her own.

Check out the video for “Mirage” below:

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Image By Charlie Barnes of Eudaemonia

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