London Gig Guide: May 8th-15th

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London is a metropolis of culture, its music scene is entirely relevant and constantly growing. Our weekly gig guide aims to bring a list of featured events happening across town over the coming week (08/05). Additionally, weekly rotating cover images will aim to present a unique side to London subculture. 
08/05: Goat Girl (Birthdays)

We first caught Goat Girl supporting The Moonlandingz in Nottingham a few months back, their live set and recent releases prove that they are going from strength to strength. Unlike many a modern band they sound both different and intriguing. The South East London band sound like a refined but chaotic DIY group, and that is EXACTLY what the world needs right now!

The female band, recently signed to Rough Trade, have a ferocious sound. Debut single release “Country Sleaze” intermingles heavy bass lines and echoey guitar chords. Unique voice is all the more overstated in follow up release “Scum.” It’s infectious guitar solo provides it with an even greater unique characteristic. Their rise to venues such as Birthday’s makes them all the more suited to further growth, you best catch them now before they get HUGE!

Event Link:


09/05: Judas (Camden Assembly)

2017 has already been somewhat of a breakthrough year for Judas. Their releases are becoming all the more numerous and with press and fan support growing rapidly one can only assume that their progress is only going to get even larger.

Latest single release “Some People” is a firm example of this. It shows a development in sound and mixes effective guitar with instantly recognisable lyrics and a chorus worth dying for. Their return to Camden is all the more relevant, the Assembly is a wonderful venue and it may be one of the last times Judas will be in a venue of intimacy considering that their sound is destined for bigger and better things!

Event Link:


10/05: The View (The Garage)

The View’s influence across Scotland and beyond is of legendary status. In support of the anniversary of debut release “Hats Off To The Buskers” they head to London in a relatively intimate show and The Garage, Islington.

The album featuring “Same Jeans” and “Superstar Tradesmen” is arguably The View’s greatest album to date. Their live shows are energetic and atmospheric. Whilst London may not be a spiritual home for the band their music is effortless and this is one not to be missed!

Event Link:


11/05: Will Joseph Cook (Heaven)

The tourist would be forgiven for believing that this is a cooking related comedy show, Will Joseph Cook is far from it. Recently touring alongside Peace with ‘Topman on Tour,’ the Kent born singer released debut album “Sweet Dreamer” last April (on Valentine’s Day of course) and has recently been reaping the rewards of press and fan admiration alike.

His sound is fun and infectious and it is amazing to think he’s just 18 years old still. “Beach – I Wanna Make You Mine” and “Girls Like Me” are firm examples of his talents. With a rise to venues such as Heaven already occurring it would be no surprise that Cook is likely to embark on meteoric rise before the close of the year.

Event Link:


12/05: Maximo Park (Royal Festival Hall)

Maximo Park have been around for so long that it is almost time to start describing them as indie rock royalty. Their new album “Risk To Exist” has already been met with great response from press and fans alike. It explores a more soulful sound and is entirely relevant, songs such as “I’ll Be Around” do well to encapsulate this.

Beyond new music, expect an array of classics such as “Our Velocity” and “Apply Some Pressure.” Their unexpected arrival and Royal Festival Hall rather than a more regular music venue is both surprising but entirely apparent of the nature of Maximo Park. Of all of the bands on this list the Newcastle band are most likely to put on a raucous gig.

Event Link:

13/05: This Feeling – Jordan Allen, Stillia, Plastic People (Nambucca)

Ah we do love a good This Feeling night. The club night returns to Nambucca after the triumphant taping of debut episode of This Feeling TV just a few weeks back. Featuring Jordan Allen, Stillia and Plastic People, the night will be a sign of the future.
As usual This Feeling give fans the opportunity to see bands in venues of intimacy before they assumably head to the larger venues, they are truly pioneering grass root music scenes across the capital and beyond. Our tip is to check out Plastic People, they have secretly recorded many a tune across the past year and are slowly launching head first into regular live action.

Event Link:


13/05: The Kooks, Fickle Friends (Alexandra Palace)

The biggest gig of the week, and its already a sell out. You’re gonna have to get ringing round a few touts to get into this one. The Kooks (supported by the amazing Fickle Friends) head to the heavenly venue that is Alexandra Palace in celebration of their ‘Best Of’ UK tour.

Expect arguably one of the greatest Kooks setlist to date being as it is the biggest show of their UK tour this year. Songs such as “Naive,””Bad Habit” and “She Moves In Her Own Way” are all bound to have an otherworldly effect in the echoey arena. In all, The Kooks are still at the top of the game and this will be a night you have to get into, though avoid ticket reselling sites at all costs!

Event Link:


Check back next week for more featured weekly gig listings


Words by Alysha Shariff

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