“Sister:” Carl Barat & The Jackals 2.0

It is clear that the Jackals are far more than a spin off, part time version of The Libertines. A merging of different influences makes them entirely unique, this is incredibly obvious in latest single “Sister.”

Chosen as this weeks Radio X/This Feeling track of the week, it boasts all the qualities of a fun and classic rock and roll tune. Mixing heavy, echoey guitar chords with adrenaline fuelled vocals it is already growing to be a huge fan favourite.

Launched around three years ago, The Jackals had already been through a meticulous auditioning process to even get to that point. Having formed (at the centre of the universe which we regard to be New Cross’ Amersham Arms) upon rigorous chemistry, the band released debut album ‘Let It Reign’ in 2015. The album was met with great anticipation through press and fans alike. Constant touring and exposure meant that the band were fully engrained into the minds and hearts of fans leaving them dreaming of a quick return. 2017 sees the initiation of such a return with the band releasing upcoming EP ‘Harder They Fall’ via a Pledge campaign.

The track sees Guitarist Billy Tessio take to lead vocal duties for the first time in the band. It is a firm example of his talents and brings a huge sense of differentiation to the Jackals’s musical repertoire. Lyrically linking perhaps to the end of a heavy night out or a journey of confusion, its chorus is both catchy and instantly recognisable. A journey exploring disdained mental health, heavy guitar chords continue to submerge and link together to make “Sister” one of the greatest and most relevant releases we’ve heard in a long time!

Carl Barat & The Jackals soon head out on a full length UK tour, heading to cities such as Bristol, Nottingham and Glasgow. Additionally, they once again make the annual pilgrimage to the heavenly and iconic daytime festival that is Camden Rocks. Constantly a highlight of the musical year, the London festival is a showcase of talent old and new and features Eudaemonia favourites Sisteray, Habitats and Lighthouse alongside The Jackals on the bill. We’ve lost count of how many times Barat has played the festival, he truly is a Camden Rocks veteran.

The summer also see’s the band head out to festivals across the country alongside Carl’s touring commitments within The Libertines. It is bound to be a hectic summer but entirely fun nonetheless. The musical diversity and collaborative nature of The Jackals is both exciting and we can only hope to expect even more releases from the band before the close of the year.

“Sister” is arguably one of The Jackals’ greatest releases to date. It has an intriguing, chaotic sound and boasts all the qualities of a great guitar tune!

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