This Feeling TV: A Pioneering Game Changer

When thinking of music TV, institutions such as Top of The Pops and Later Live With Jools Holland instantly come to mind. However, the common trend between the two is that their previous heyday has now stumbled into absolute irrelevance. However, there is a new kid on the block, one with all the right values and an entirely ferocious aim. Introducing: This Feeling TV with Red Stripe.

Occurring in numerous short episodes throughout the year, Eudaemonia were fortunate enough to be involved in its debut taping at London’s Nambucca. Good grief did it turn out to be one absolutely mesmerising night! Without even knowing who was to play or to be in attendance, upon arrival one could instantly feel a welcoming atmosphere, ‘This Feeling’ truly is one big family.

The concept of This Feeling TV is entirely refreshing. Gone is the corporate, plastic sprawl of a TV studio; instead it becomes revolutionary in that it brings the pub/club setting into the cyberspace. For once, music television seems real and convincing. Much like many in attendance, it was obvious from the start that much planning had gone into the event and for all the right reasons the evening and release which followed seems destined for mass greatness.

The TV show sees an exciting, intriguing mix of bands and interviews which submerges the new artist, rock legends and A list celebrities into one big cacophony of content. The first episode saw lives performances from DMA’s, Tom Grennan and Slaves alongside interviews from Carl Barat and Martin Compton. With Blossoms suggesting “This Feeling are once again putting their magic where their mouths are and giving kids with guitars the chance to shine on the screen with This Feeling TV” and the Gallagher brothers uniting in support, it is no wonder that the show is already onto something special.

Being in attendance we were in the fortunate position to see how the content transferred from pub to screen. DMAs opened the night, their unique mixing of guitars and lyric is both intriguing and refreshing. With Liam Gallagher in anticipative attendance, they treated the excited audience to already growing classics such as “Delete” and “Lay Down.”

One of the most intriguing parts of the night saw stars such as Carl Barat, Matt Mason of DMA’s and Laurie Vincent of Slaves avalanche a TV set from the top of the legendary venue, aiming to hit a target below. Perhaps the most surprising aspect may be how the producers managed to get the concept past the health and safety authorities. Despite this, it came as no surprise to see Barat storm to the top of the Top Gear-like leaderboard considering his plethora of experience in the TV throwing industry through chaotic Libertines antics.

Tom Grennan is arguably the most talked about young artist in the country right now and for good reason. His enthusiasm is both raw and infectious and the singer/songwriter is no doubt onto something special.  His soulful yet raw voice mixed with recognisable guitar chords and obvious lyricism makes his sound catchy and mesmerising at times. Like an elegant pub sing along mixed with an anthemic stadium crowd, his music attracts attention for all the right reasons.

Host Gordan Smart did well to provide gripping interviews throughout the evening. The show really does have a strong mix between live performance and content, something in which its predecessors and contemporaries struggle with.

It was to Slaves to close the night. Performing a mix of songs old and new, they had the This Feeling audience made up of fans, bands and press alike at aw. As the mosh pit grew and the pace grew faster, fans were treated to intimate renditions of “White Knuckle Ride” and “The Hunter” which even propelled Martin Compston into an impromptu crowd surf. The Kent band truly did leave their intense, chaotic mark upon the iconic venue.

With each band’s performances being cut down and inserted into the programme alongside interviews and crowd content, the first episode of This Feeling TV with Red Stripe seems almost revolutionary. It is representative of This Feeling’s ethos and does well to give time to the new artist whilst still seeming intriguing and star studded for the generic viewer. It’s mass target audience mixed with unique content and star studded features makes it an overnight success story. We are already buzzing with anticipation for the next episode, due for release this summer.

This Feeling TV with Red Stripe is already growing into something iconic. We can’t express how long we have waited for some REAL music television. Let us hope that episode one is merely a sign of things to come, the start of a long and fruitful exploration into the world of television for This Feeling.

Check it out below, you MUST have a watch of #ThisFeelingTV:


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