Review: Kasabian – For Crying Out Loud

Name: ‘For Crying Out Loud’

Artist: Kasabian

Rating: ★★★★

Chart music has been all but hijacked by drab pop, rap and electronic music. Whilst some anomalies in such genres appear, music is generally tailored to mass commercialism. Kasabian’s sixth studio album ‘For Crying Out Loud’ is a heavenly escape from all that. Once again, guitar music is making a prominent return to the top of the charts!

Opening with perhaps their most chaotic infusion of guitar and effects to date, “Ill Ray (The King)” has all the elements to be an anthem for the ages. Up beat, fun and catchy, the opening track sets the tone for the rest of the album, it really is the guitar album in which Kasabian and rock fan’s in general have been waiting for!

“You’re In Love With A Psycho” is not only the album’s lead single but it has to potential to be the sound of the summer. Suited best to sunny afternoons or mass festival sing alongs, the track is a strong mix of melody and chorus. Lyrically it is fun and different. I mean, is there any place for “macaroni on a seafood stick?” Either way, it is lyrically different in the most amazingly confusing way possible.

Having surprisingly taken to Leicester’s King Power stadium just last May in a historic homecoming gig to celebrate Leicester City’s unexpected title win, it has been clear for a while that 2017 would mark their return to music following a successful three year world tour in support of fifth album ’48:13.’ In fact, the name of their sixth album title was displayed on stage as a backdrop at the stadium gig; quite clearly Kasabian have been dropping hints for quite a while.

Differentiation is what Kasabian do best, as recognised in each of their musically diverse albums. No rock band quite uses as many different sounds and effects as they do, quite an obvious ode to their musical inspirations ranging from The Beatles and Oasis to Cypress Hill and David Bowie. They are also revolutionary, they recently filmed and streamed live the music video for “Are You Looking For Action?” via Facebook, a feat which has never been attempted before. The album track in itself is already a classic dance floor anthem best suited to alcohol (drug) fuelled, early morning hours.

They are in a league of their own. Whilst grass roots music continues to grow healthily, to a sense Kasabian continue to pioneer alternate rock music’s existence at the top level of the industry. Alongside the Arctic Monkeys and select others, the Leicester formed band are a rarity in the fact they have an ability to sell out stadium sized venues and headline massive festivals such as Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds. Ever since their debut, self titled album reached number 4 in the charts the band have constantly been touted for success. They are yet to look back, ’For Crying Out Loud’ merely sees them secure their position in the upper echelons of British rock history.

“Twentyfourseven” and “Good Fight” have a sound reminiscent of previous albums such as ‘Velociraptor!’ and ‘Empire.’ “Wasted” is all the more slower though continues to build upon a softer side to the band’s sound. Perhaps the most melodic and beautiful aspect of the album is “Put You’re Life On It.” Debuted in tribute to those unable to celebrate Leicester City’s historic Premier League win last summer, the song is both lyrically beautiful and strangely soothing. Traditionally ending albums on a slower pace, ‘For Crying Out Loud’s’ album closer is arguably one of their most meaningful to date.

“Bless This Acid House” stands out on first listen, it throws the rule book out of the window and is a perfect example of Kasabian’s guitar based roots. Once again encompassing a summery atmosphere, the song is entirely dense and well built. Its chorus is anthemic, cries of (unsurprisingly) “God bless this acid house” echoes around the metaphorical room, already it has become a fan favourite in the live arena.

Overall, Kasabian’s return is both exciting and necessary. It’s about time a British guitar band took to the top of the charts once more.


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Cover art for For Crying Out Loud by the artist Kasabian. The cover art copyright is believed to belong to the record label or the graphic artist(s). Source: wiki.

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