Interview: The Dunts

As you can tell by now, we are huge fans of Glasgow based band The Dunts. Recent singles “Astroboy” and “Birds And The Beez” have been on repeat at Eudaemonia HQ recently. We caught up with the band to chat sound, their story and future plans:

Where did The Dunts begin? Has it been a long process to get to where you are now?

The Dunts basically started off as a few jam sessions. Three of us were already friends from school back in the day and we had jammed for a while although it hadn’t really gone anywhere. There were quite a few lineups that were just informal, casual jams amongst friends, and that carried on for a few months until we decided we wanted to start taking it seriously at the end of May 2016, which is when the final line-up ended up being Rab, David, Kyle, and Colin. (Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums, Guitar).

A few months before we started taking things seriously Rab had said he wanted to start a band and had asked us to get involved, so I guess really The Dunts is a combination of our high-school jam band and Rab’s narcissistic quest to become the most famous guy in the country. When we had settled on the lineup we started playing Arctic Monkeys covers so we could build up a musical rapport and once we could all play in time with each other we started writing our own tunes. Fast forward 11 months, and here we are!

We’re massive fans of your sound, if you could describe it in 3 words what would they be?

One big dunt!

We loved the new single “Birds And The Beez,” what is the message behind it?

With some songs, we like the idea of not explicitly stating the true meaning behind a tune.

Sometimes it’s good to leave a bit of space for listeners to use it to create stories or relate to in their own heads. That being said, like any song, Birds and the Beez was written about an event that all of the band members have faced at one point or another. If it helps it isn’t about birds (women). Or bees for that matter.

What is Glasgow’s music scene like? Do you think there’s potential for bands from the area to become big?

The Glasgow music scene is one of the best in the UK right now. There are great platforms available to bands in Glasgow, and as a result of that, there are amazing local gigs to go to near enough every single week. There are so many bands I could give a nod to here but I think it would be unfair if I singled out any specific ones because most of the bands in the scene we’re in here in Glasgow know each other and I guess it feels like something bigger and more special than just a few bands trying to make it.

I think certainly there’s potential for bands from the area to become big, quite a few bands from here that are not much older than us are playing UK festival slots and going on UK wide tours, etc.

Who would you describe as your inspirations?

One of the things we’ve all agreed on is how our inspirations range. There’s definitely some crossover, in our earlier days bands like Green Day kicked off some of our interest in music. As time passed this would flesh out into bands like Arctic Monkeys and the Libertines. Nowadays, our tastes stretch from The Beatles to Tame Impala, or from The Kinks to Radiohead.

If you could play at any venue in the UK which would it be and why?

If we could play any venue in Glasgow it would definitely be the Barrowlands, or the Barras as its know up here. It’s an amazing venue with a sound that’s complimented by most, if not all, of the bands who’ve played there. It’s a place that we’ve been spectators to our own favourite bands and artists and we’ve all agreed it would be a one of those “this is it” moments for us.

We’ve heard big things about your live sound. Do you enjoy taking your songs into venues? Or do you prefer it in the studio?

We have loved every minute of recording the tracks in the studio but gigging is when we feel we play our best. When the crowd is wild we feed off of it and makes the performance a lot more special. Most of our songs have a rawness and heaviness that can often be hard to retain when recording but that doesn’t stop us trying.

You’re playing King Tuts on May 20th, are you looking forward to it?

From the moment a date was set it has been pretty much all we’ve thought about. We’ve even gone as far to take a two-month break in preparation for it. It’s one of the most famous venues in Britain and has hosted many big names before and while they were big. Our intention is to make it our most stand out gig so far, but the few prior set the bar pretty high. Regardless we’ve all been buzzing about it since the date was locked down.

Can we expect to see you guys out of Scotland soon? London would love to have you down ASAP!

Currently, we have only played in Glasgow but we are looking to expand in the future. Our first step will be playing some of the venues in some of the other cities and towns in Scotland. We would love to play in London and we are sure it won’t be long before we are plying our trade down south.

What do you have planned for the future? Anymore EP’s/ gigs coming up? 

Without explicitly revealing our master plan, we’ve got a few projects in the pipeline being prepared. Recently, we’ve worked with Catholic Action and Shady Lane’s Chris McCrory developing a single which will require a whole event of its own to reveal.

We’re booked to work on recording a few tunes with some other people who we look up to at the end of July. So hopefully by the end of the year, there is a plethora of ‘Dunts’ for the world to feast their ears on. As well as that, we are booked to play in Dundee as well near summer time which should be our first venture outside of Glasgow.

Finally, what would you like to see become of The Dunts in five years time?

In five years time, we believe that we will have played a few festivals, released an album and have made our mark on the British music scene. We can see from our writing that our music keeps improving and from the gigs we have played as well as the reviews we have received that there is a place for our music.

We would love for our music to be listened to by people around the country and hopefully inspire other people to pick up a guitar and make their own music. Because if there is anything we have learned it’s that anyone can do it, just from playing in the local scene in Glasgow we have had the pleasure of playing with lots of very talented musicians and it has given us real hope for the future of music in Britain.

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