Must see acts at Liverpool Sound City 2017

Sound City is one of our favourite ways to begin a great summer of festivals. Situated this time in the central of Liverpool’s dock district, the festival is getting even bigger. We are certain that it is already lining up to be their best edition yet. With names such as John Cale, The Kooks and Slaves heading to Liverpool this May bank holiday, here are our picks to watch out for at this year’s Sound City Festival.

The Cribs

We have run out of adjective to describe The Cribs, they truly are one of our favourite bands to ever exist. Coming off the back of a UK tour celebrating the 10 year anniversary of ‘Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever,’ you can be sure that they will be both well tuned and mesmerising. Songs such as “Men’s Needs” and “Be Safe” alongside other classic tracks from their third album are bound to play a prominent part.

Headlining the Baltic Stage on the Sunday, the Wakefield formed band are the perfect way to close this year’s growing festival. Recent album ‘For All My Sisters’ is arguably their most musically dense to date, it is rare for a modern band to be as musically consistent in the most perfect of ways as The Cribs are.


Cabbage have the hopes of many on their shoulders. Their sound is both politically relevant and entirely intriguing, they hold any hopes of punk revival in their hands. Recently submerging their EP catalogue into compilation album ‘Young Dumb And Full Of…” the Mosley band are rapidly making waves throughout the music industry for all the right reasons.

“Terrorist Synthesizer” and “Uber Capitalist Death Trade” are arguably their most popular tracks, though each of their EP’s in their own right have the potential to be world beaters. Songs such as “The Road To Wigan Pier” and “Free Steven Avery” are entirely reminiscent of politically relevant music not seen in this kind for many decades. Quite literally, you’d be a fool to not check out Cabbage as soon as possible, Sound City is the perfect opportunity!

The Shimmer Band

Once again, the Baltic Stage is the place to be as The Shimmer Band bring their mesmerising psych rock sound to the famous Liverpool festival. Having recently just completed a feature length UK tour culminating with an historic, ‘I was there moment’ of an evening at London’s Camden Assembly, the band are in the form of their lives!

“Freedom” and “Sunkick” provide the anthems to the perfect festival sound. Their sound is like a chaotic, space warped version of Kasabian mixed with all their electronic advantages. This is resonated well in “Shoot Me (Baby),” perhaps their greatest live song to date.

The Vryll Society

Summer sounds just don’t come better than The Vryll Society, trust us! Having suggested that they themselves have been “locked away in their subterranean rehearsal space for more than a year,” one can surely expect a metaphorical box of colours and grooves to be released as they approach this year’s festival season.

No song sums this up just as much as “Sacred Flight” does, it truly is a wonderful escape into a the world of The Vryll Society. “A Perfect Rhythm” and “Deep Blue Skies” are both elegant examples of spaced out, yet entirely in sync effective sounds. They’re perfect for a sunny afternoon at Liverpool’s Sound City.

Carl Barat & The Jackals

Carl Barat, The Jackals and an early summer festival… it really doesn’t get much better does it! Preparing to embark upon upcoming UK tour which sees them return to Liverpool as part of Sound City, the docks are set to be home to a jubilant affair of songs old and new.

Upcoming EP ‘Harder They Fall’ has already achieved its Pledge campaign target. If latest single “Sister” is anything to go by, the EP is sure to be something quite spectacular. As with any Jackals gigs, expect a mix of songs from other projects and bands as well as hits from debut album ‘Let It Reign.’ With rock and roll royalty in the house, expect the main stage to be packed to the rafters.


Chaotic, anarchic and mesmerising are just some words to describe the average Yak gig. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect, though in an entirely intriguing way. However, the one expected thing is that Oli Burslem and co will provide a live set like no other, something which will leave you speechless for all the right reasons.

Debut album ‘Alas Salvation’ was met with wonder by fans, press and industry alike and you can be sure that Yak have their next moves already planned out. Songs such as “Harbour The Feeling” and “Hungry Heart” are frantic though all the more melodic at the same time. You can be sure that their Sound City set will be an enjoyable, disorderly affair.

Rory Wynne

Having spent much of this year touring with Blossoms it is clear that Rory Wynne has the support of much of the industry. However, he lets his music do the talking, made obvious through the release of debut EP “What Would Rory Wynne Do?”

The EP is a sure sign of his musical development. His sound is far more elegant, confident and becoming increasingly heavier. Rory is already tipped for huge things, his confident abilities make him all the more likely to succeed.


2017 has already been a massive breakthrough year for Judas. Their releases are becoming all the more supported. One can only assume that their progress is only going to get even larger. Latest single release “Some People” is a firm example of this. It shows a development in sound and mixes effective guitar with instantly recognisable lyrics and a chorus worth dying for.

Their return to Liverpool is all the more exciting as part of this year’s Sound City.


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Image By Christopher Johnson from Tokyo, Japan [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons]

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