Jack Rocks & This Feeling announce Isle Of Wight Festival 2017 Line Up

The Isle Of Wight Festival is a perfect way to begin a great summer of music. Situated upon the idyllic island, it is not only historic but famous for providing a breadth of world renowned bands and artists. However, it is at the Jack Rocks & This Feeling stage where the atmosphere grows a little more. Their third return to the festival see’s 50 new acts and This Feeling’s unique culture arrive at the festival with an entire echelon of new musical memories.

This Feeling and Jack Rocks pride themselves in bringing the country’s best emerging talent into one place, this festival is merely a showcase of what they do on a weekly basis across the country. Headlining the tent are The Wytches and Superfood, two amazingly unique bands who set the scene for the stage’s entire undercard.

The tent see’s each of the Jack Rocks 7 head to the famous festival, these include Trampolene, White Room, The Blinders and Bang Bang Romeo. Completing this year’s class of seven are Broken Witt Rebels, The Sundowners and The Wholls. We’ve banged on about this Jack Rocks 7 concept long enough, though it is perhaps the best way to see seven individually compelling bands on a small scale before they hit the larger venues and arenas in the near future.

Beyond the headliners and 2017’s Jack Rocks 7, there is an entire cacophony of bands all destined for the top. Arguably, This Feeling have managed to submerge tomorrow’s headliners into one room – this clearly is one not to be missed. Further picks include the equally amazing Shimmer Band, who recently fulfilled a UK headline tour of their own alongside supporting Cabbage.

Strange Bones, Jordan Allen, Paves, The Jackobins, Plastic People and The Assist are further This Feeling favourites who head to the isle as part of this wonderful celebrations of the UK’s ever growing music scene. John Hassall of The Libertines brings the smooth, idyllic sounds of his April Rainers to the festival following the release of critically acclaimed debut album ‘Wheels To Idle.’ Additionally, Blackwaters, who aim to bring a punk revival of their own, will bring a set of controlled chaos which is not to be missed.

The Jack Rocks & This Feeling stage is part of an already strong festival line up, featuring world renowned names such as Run DMC, Arcade Fire, Catfish And The Bottlemen and Kaiser Chiefs. However, This Feeling once again have blown things out of the park! If you are a fan of new music, their tent will be a spiritual home for the weekend, a real ‘I was there moment.’

Check out the line up below:

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 13.08.44.png


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Image via This Feeling

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