White Room release “Take Me Away”

White Room are fun, groovy and trendy. Think of a modern hybrid between Blossoms and Pulp. With their elegant sound growing with every release, new single “Take Me Away” epitomises their amazingly unique talents.

The Brighton formed band are rapidly making themselves heard throughout the industry, previous releases such as “Stole The I.V.” and “Freaking On” were met with great anticipation from fans and press alike. Their relentless touring schedule and media support has given them a strong reputation throughout the country, White Room are clearly going to be a fan favourite for many years to come yet!

New single “Take Me Away” builds upon their credible, fun sound. Opening with a fuzzy, recognisable riff mixed with effortlessly warped effect, it is a slower yet entirely relevant example of their great sound. It grows into something more reminiscent of their earlier sound, both strong, intriguing and lyrically impressive.

Debut EP ‘Fizzy Liquid’ is arguably the best starting point for White Room’s newest listeners. A hybrid of psychedelic rock and effect-heavy anthemic sounds, it is a sure sign of things to come. “Freaking Out” and “In My Head” are highlights, though each of the four tracks display a heavenly kind of sound and act as the perfect starting point for the band. Two years on and it is clear that White Room are still going from strength to strength.

“Take Me Away” has all the hallmarks of a great set closure, the end of the song being disjointed yet complete in the most perfect of ways. Its elongated outro gives more density to the track, which as a whole it is a firm sign of White Room’s impressive sound. They are constantly improving and are rapidly developing into a name worth getting excited about.

White Room are part of this year’s Jack Rocks 7, a merging concept between Jack Daniels and This Feeling. The project sees the Brighton band play four festivals across the country this summer: Isle Of White, The Great Escape, Reading and TRNSMT. Having been at the showcase, each of the seven bands have headlining potential, none more so than White Room.

They are charming, fun and have an effortless musical ability. If “Take Me Away” is anything to go by, White Room are onto something special!

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Image via White Room by Aidan Cochrane

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