Camden Rocks 2017: Must see bands

Camden Rocks Festival is a weekend like no other. It sees hundreds of bands, fans and press alike descend upon the capital’s spiritual home of music. With strong crossovers between genre, you can be sure you’re gonna discover a whole new world of upcoming musical talent. Here’s some of our picks for the 3rd June:

The Blinders

The Blinders are truly exploring a whole new world of musical possibilities. With the release of B-side “Ramona Flowers” and staggering single “Swine,” they have entered what will be considered their breakthrough year. With a schedule of intense touring and dreaded university examinations, The Blinders are clearly onto something special!

They head to Camden with an aura of confidence having recently been named as part of the Jack Rocks 7 concept as well as supporting The View. Debut EP ‘Hidden Horror Dance’ is sure to get an outing. It gives a strong insight into their relevant, politically infused lyrics and heaving, reverberating guitar skills. Overall, you’d be a fool if you don’t catch The Blinders on 3rd June in Camden.


Sisteray are in many ways leading forces in London’s ever-growing music scene. They are politically relevant and musically sound, giving them the mass credentials to go far. No strangers to Camden Rocks, it was their performance in 2016 which became a true highlight. Their raucous set virtually brought the world famous Hawley Arms to a complete standstill.

Recent EP release ’15 Minutes’ is arguably their best piece of work to date. Songs such as “Queen’s English” and “Faaast Food” are both relevant and intriguing and mix well with classics such as “Who R Ya” and “A Wise Man Said.” Once more, we predict they will bring a set of riotous intensity to this year’s Camden Rocks Festival.


If you wanna check out emerging talent, Lighthouse are the epitome of great sounds and huge potential. Their music is infectious and well structured, it won’t be long before they have a reputation throughout the capital and beyond.

Recent double A side release ‘Brown Bottle Flu/Loaded’ is a firm example of their musical abilities. Both catchy and well presented, it is symbolic perhaps of bands such as Palma Violets and The Libertines though with an entirely unique twist. Their Camden set comes at just the right time, we recommend them profusely!


We’re huge fans of Lock here at Eudaemonia. Their echoey effects and dreamy lyricism are rapidly amassing popular support across the country. Songs such as “Everlasting Road” and “The Lonely Ones” are a firm example of their ability, we love the introduction of a new wave of pop-rock music fuelled through guitar and effects.

The all girl band recently supported Sophie Ellis Baxter upon a full length UK tour and are also set to head out alongside Carl Barat & The Jackals in the coming weeks. The London band formed of Gita Harcourt, Edie Langley, Gabi Woo are a welcome, intriguing musical escape from much dreary pop which exists in the modern day. You can be sure their set will go down a treat at Camden Rocks.

White Room

We’re huge fans of White Room and their extravagant yet chilled sound. They have great support from fans and press alike and the Jack Rocks 7 alumni return to Camden during a year of mass exposure. Recent single “Take Me Away” is a prominent example of their catchy, elegant sound.

To us, the Brighton band are much like a mix between Blossoms and Pulp, their 90s influence is somethings obvious for all the right reasons. Previous releases such as “Back Again” and “Stole The I.V.” are sure to get an outing. Their set is unique and well suited to the most perfect of summer festivals.

Carl Barat & The Jackals

We’re struggling to think of a man who’s played the famous Camden festival as much as Carl Barat. Once more, he and the Jackals return to the capitals spiritual musical home as they play the historic KOKO theatre. The perfect setting mixes with the highly anticipated release of Jackals EP ‘Harder They Come,’ If initial single “Sister” is anything to go by, it is clearly going to be quite special.

Expect a mixture of Libertines classics and Dirty Pretty Things Anthems as well as prominent tracks taken from debut album ‘Let It Reign.’ It is nice to see the album stand well on its own, with many of its singles such as “Glory Days” and “Victory Gin” becoming stand alone classics in their own right.

Broken Witt Rebels

Broken Witt Rebels have a sound fuelled by a mix of melody and adrenaline, both intriguing and brimming with confidence. Their sound is heavy at times and is the perfect mix of music for the world famous Camden Rocks festival.

‘Georgia Pine EP’ was released just last year and is a fantastic example of their ranging sound. Title track “Georgia Pine” and “Suzie” evoke a summery sound suited to the festival whilst “Low” ejects a faster, more confident brand of sound. Another member of the Jack Rocks 7, and yet another reason to catch them at this year’s festival.

Plastic People

Plastic People have bursted onto London’s growing music scene this year. Once somewhat of a mystery, they now are constructing a year of massive growth and impressive releases. The release of “Never Let Me Know” represents their first studio release, a true sign of their unique talent.

Best suited to a live setting, Plastic People’s debut single is without a doubt a firm example of their fine musical ability. With more releases set to come, Camden Rocks provides the best opportunity to immerse yourself in their wonderful sounds.


Check back in the coming week for more Camden Rocks preview additions!

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