Focus #10: Trampolene

Trampolene are otherworldly. A mix of poetry, heavy sounds and soft melodies, their music is a true example of differentiation. With a debut album in the works and strong confidence to back it up, we’re already sure that the Welsh band are embarked upon a journey destined for the top of festival stages and beyond.

Formed upon an ethic of musical companionship, Trampolene are known for fan involvement. In fact, it is refreshing to see a band as engrossed and well loved as they are by their fans. Jack, Wayne and Rob have a clear, friendly persona both on stage and off which makes them entirely loved. But mostly, it is their music which does the talking. With five previously released EP’s they already have an impressive back catalogue, something entirely expressed in their raucous, impressive live performances.

Their mass potential is shown through early releases. Already a fan favourite, “Bourgeoisie Girl” is a firm example of their mesmerising and unique ability to produce anthemic-like rock songs. Best suited to the live setting, other early anthems include “Alcohol Kiss” and “Camden Mannequins” taken from their first ‘Pocket Album’ EP.

Named after the Julian Cope song, Trampolene first formed in Swansea though relocated to London in hopes of creating a Warholian-esque creative space like no other. Their growth throughout the years has been phenomenal, constantly growing throughout the country and beyond. Their journey’s into Europe are becoming all the more regular following recent adventures into France and Belgium.

It is their blending of heavy rock and spoken word which makes the Swansea outfit so unique. In fact, lead singer Jack Jones spent much of early 2016 touring arenas with The Libertines as their in-band poet. Friendship between he, Barat and Doherty is constantly blossoming and it is clear that great minds think alike. From the moment he was introduced to the relatively local Cardiff crowd before their massive gig at the Motorpoint Arena, Jones was instantly adopted and adored by all Libertines fans and beyond.

Poems such as “Ketamine” and “To Be A Libertine” have already become stellar icons in their own right, standing naturally next to renowned punk poets such as John Cooper Clarke and Patti Smith. “Health & Wellbeing – At Wood Green Job Centre” is also strong worded and somewhat inspiring at times. Jones has a healthy ability to inscribe carefully thought through words to paper and rightfully should be regarded as a special wordsmith. His words often reflect social disdain, political disenchantment or relevant insight into the sign of modern times.

It is their musical development over the previous two years which has gained them mass credibility throughout the industry, whether it be press, fans or promoters – everyone is talking about Trampolene. This is entirely epitomised in ‘Pocket Album Four’ otherwise known as ‘The Gangway.’ It’s title track is melodic, romantic and entirely anthemic. At times it is reminiscent of classic bands such as Oasis and Blur though lyrically a world stronger. You can totally imagine “The Gangway” being echoed around festival fields and arenas alike. Their cover of “Friday I’m In Love” proves they are in touch with their 80s post punk, gothic rock (albeit in an entirely Trampolene, rock n roll manner). “Tom Hardy” travels back to their roots – quite simply a classic, rock song for the ages.

Official video for “Alcohol Kiss”

Part of the Jack Rocks 7, summer 2017 sees the band head to the world famous Reading rock festival as well as TRNSMT (Glasgow Green) and Isle of White festivals. They attracted a queue amassing hundreds just to even get into the venue at a recent venture at Brighton’s Great Escape Festival, proving that their involvement in the Jack Rocks 7 is entirely justified. Currently embarked upon a short city tour via This Feeling, 2017 is widely expected to be a year of mass touring. It will also see the release of a highly anticipated debut album. With such an extended, flexible and superlative back catalogue, one can only assume that it will be a body of Trampolene’s finest works to date. They truly are destined for something special!

2016 saw the release of latest pocket album entitled ‘Divided Kingdom.’ It took inspiration through political disenchantment and divisions of the previous year. “Divided Kingdom” ultimately could be the soundtrack to such a haphazard era. However, it takes different meaning in the live setting whereby mosh pits and a flurry of crowd surfers incite huge sing alongs and a mass hybrid of crashing bodies and band involvement alike. The Trampolene gig is mesmerising, intense and otherworldly – a beautiful expression of sound and spoken word which not only emphasises their amazing talent but also exemplifies a message of unity.

Following their likely friendship, lead singer Jack Jones has become a fully fledge member of Peter Doherty’s band, ‘The Puta Madres.’ No stranger to also opening Doherty solo sets, Jones spreads his time evenly between the two projects. As an already iconic talent in his own right, Jones is an integral part of the Puta Madres mixing his guitar playing with Doherty’s solo sounds. Having already penned original songs together in the past, it will be interesting to see how their friendship and collaboration develops as time grows older.

It is hard to put every Trampolene song into a feature of just a thousand or so words, their strong back catalogue must make their setlist a very hard thing to compose. “Dreams So Rich / Life So Poor” and “Blue Balls & a Broken Heart” are firm examples of their melodic sound whilst “Slug” is a nice, spoken escape from reality. With their new album in the pipeline, we are incredibly excited to see exactly what the band have planned next.

Trampolene are both fun and talented. Their EP’s and singles are mesmerising and stand almost alone in terms of lyrical ability. With a live set to die for, you’d be a fool for not getting into the Welsh band before their debut album drops later this year!


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