Glastonbury 2017: Upcoming Talent

We LOVE Glastonbury, it is our favourite time of the year! As arguably the world’s leading music festival, it boasts some of the greatest acts around. However, it is also a time to check out the best of the country’s emerging new talent. We have compiled a short list of acts below whom we think may fit that description.

Black Honey

Black Honey are an enigma of all that is good in the UK’s burgeoning music scene, their heavenly sound is most welcome on the festival stages and beyond. Formed of Izzy Baxter, (vocals, guitar) Chris Ostler (guitar), Tommy Taylor (bass), Tom Dewhurst (drums), the Brighton based band rapidly forced their way into the hearts of many following a relatively secretive formation period.

Songs such as “Corrine” and “Madonna” are already well loved and much sung amongst their fans, this comes as no surprise following their regular plays on radio and television shows alike. Black Honey’s unique style suits their sound and equates well with the general audience. Ultimately, their Glastonbury stint is much welcomed!

Stage Details: Friday, John Peel Stage: 13:00-13:40

Declan McKenna

We’ve heard a lot about Declan McKenna, his rapid rise to stardom is all the more exciting considering his relative youthfulness. His style, sound and immersive attitude is all but a sure sign that the 18 year old Hertfordshire singer is destined for the top.

In fact, McKenna is a prime example of the successes which result from Glastonbury’s ‘Emerging Talent Competition.’ Having won it in 2015 at the young age of 15, he then went on to release debut single “Brazil.” The single went on to gain much attention, as have songs such as “The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home” and “Isombard” which are both well suited to the festival setting.

Stage Details: Friday, John Peel Stage: 16:50-17:40



Cabbage are gripping, relevant and mesmerising, they are almost fated to be the modern day torch bearers of modern post punk. No strangers to controversy, it is their lyrics which rouse most conflict and confusion for all the right reasons. With revolutionary connotations and politically relevant slurs, they attack the corporate bourgeoisie and upper echelons in pursuit of bringing attention to a deprived society.

“Uber Capitalist Death Trade” and “Terrorist Synthesizer” both provide evidence for the politically riotous agenda, two fast paced guitar anthems with ferocious lyricism. Cabbage’s musical ability is at times second to none, songs such as “Fickle” and “Indispensable Pencil” do well to suggest such an ability.

Stage Details: Saturday, John Peel Stage: 15:30-16:20


The Big Moon

The all female four piece are arguably one of the most promising bands in the country right now having released debut album ‘Love In The 4th Dimension.’ Formed in 2014 by Juliette Jackson, the London band have a ferocious touring schedule and all the talent to match. “Cupid” is arguably the best starting point for a new fan, it is becoming a firm favourite and recently was named as BBC Radio 1’s ‘track of the week.’

Other highlights from their impressive debut album include “Sucker” and “Formidable.” Their sound is at times nostalgic but ultimately a strong debuting effort, a firm starting point for any future successes.

Stage Details: Saturday, William’s Green: 15:00-15:40


Rat Boy

Jordan Cardy, better known as Rat Boy, has arguably enjoyed the most success of all on this list. His anthemic “Sign On” became a major anthem back in 2015, almost notorious amongst indie scenes. With a debut album in the works and numerous singles already released, now is clearly the time to check out the Chelmsford born musician.

Ever the multitalented when it comes to both instrument and production, Cardy is clearly going from strength to strength. Support from Carl Barat of the Libertines and members of Blur clearly justify his rising reputation. Along with his backing band of Liam Haygarth (bass), Harry Todd (guitar) and Noah Booth (drums), songs such as “Move” and “Revolution” are clearly set to make a huge impression on Worthy Farm.

Stage Details: Saturday, William’s Green: 20:00-20:40


The Sundowners

With two album’s already released and years worth of touring experience behind them, The Sundowners are arguably the most experienced band upon this list. The Wirral formed band play a key part in James Skelly’s Skeleton Key set up and it is clear why they are regarded with such great promise.

Recent release ‘Cut The Master’ is bound to feature heavily within their Glastonbury set. Their sound is much like an electronic, modern equivalent of The Byrds mixed with Velvet Underground. Their psychadelic nature is at times hinted in songs such as “Before The Storm” and “Back To You.”

Stage Details: Sunday, William’s Green: 15:00-15:40


Jack Jones

Jack Jones is a hive of musical activeness. As front man for Trampolene and guitarist within Peter Doherty’s Puta Madres, he is arguably one of the kindest, most proactive individuals in music. He brings his acoustic abilities to Glastonbury’s Wednesday night Greenpeace showcase, expect a mixture of Trampolene classics and covers alike.

Songs such as “Alcohol Kiss” and “ Blue Balls & A Broken Heart” are much suited to the smaller setting, as is his already famous cover of Oasis’ “Bring It On Down.” Also, Jones is a special wordsmith in his own right, his poetry is unique and relevant – i’m sure “Ketamine” will go down a treat in the heavenly surroundings of Glastonbury.

Stage Details: Wednesday, Greenpeace/Engine Room: 00:00-00:40


Glastonbury Festival takes place from 21-25 June 2017. Check out the full line up and stage splits via the link below:


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