Liam Gallagher Returns With “Wall Of Glass”

The title “Wall Of Glass” is probably as metaphorical as it gets, describing perfectly the delicacy of Gallagher’s previous band Beady Eye. That, in the break up of Oasis, was almost destined to the shadows. However, Liam Gallagher’s latest single is a whole world away from his previous band, a rock n roll tune with all the qualities of intrigue. Arguably, it symbolises the perfect beginnings of a heavenly third coming.

Not one to shy from the spotlight, Liam Gallagher has remained relevant as ever, whether it be through interviews, random pub encounters or regular, albeit one way, social media sparring with his brother Noel. Having once stated he would never be the one for pursuing a solo career, his debut release is not only well anticipated but also seems to have contrived Gallagher towards new enjoyment – it is clear he is fated to the stage in front of a mesmerised, adoring fan base.

“Wall of Glass” opens with catchy use of harmonica and instantly recognisable guitar chords. However, it reaches it own high point as Liam Gallagher’s voice appears. Famed for demising vocals, it appears the Manchester born frontman has treated his misdemeanours. Vocally, Gallagher appears to hit points not seen for many a year, gone are the days of bellowed shouts which are instead replaced with a voice more soulful and experienced – it is obvious that Gallagher is back to a level not seen in decades.

“Wall Of Glass” is the first single taken from anticipated upcoming solo album ‘As You Were.’ Having worked with a number of lyrical executives and a live band consisting of known musical names such as Drew McConnell of the Babyshambles, Gallagher’s debut album is set to represent a far greater musical enigma. It certainly puts him in the best position to reclaim the spotlight once more.

Tuesday’s tour opener in Manchester was far more than a gig. With Gallagher comfortable to hold all the spotlight, it appeared to take a far more important cause following on from the tragic attacks at Manchester Arena the previous week. With all profits being donated to a post attack fund, it was clear that the inclusion of tracks such as “Live Forever” carried are far more poignant message of solidarity and togetherness.

Liam Gallagher’s solo tour sees him perform upon world renowned festival stages such as at Reading & Leeds and Glastonbury Festival. If Tuesday’s gig and newly released single “Wall Of Glass” is anything to go by, it will clearly be a memorable summer.


Check out the video for “Wall Of Glass” below:


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